Comparing Education: Which Countries Have the Best Education System?

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Education is one of the essential foundations of every nation. It is where leaders, economists, and scientists are born. It’s also where people start their careers to contribute to society eventually. However, because of our diversity as human beings, not all educational systems are the same. Some are considered to be better than others.

However, it does not mean that one educational system should fit all. Therefore, this article will explore some of the best educational systems globally and create a framework that can hopefully fit each country worldwide.


Finland is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world. It’s also regarded as a country with a robust educational system controlled by a government that people trust. So what makes their educational system so good anyways?

Well, most people would say that it’s because education is free in the country. Therefore, there is no need to pay for education because, technically, the government pays for it. However, considering that the tax rate inside the country is about half of your salary, that shouldn’t be a surprise. This structure can’t fit in many countries simply because governments don’t have that high tax rate.

So what can we learn from Finland’s educational system that can be applied to many countries worldwide? Experts believe that it’s more of the structure of career paths in the country.

In Finland, people are free to pursue any career path they choose. The country’s free education complements this. Essentially, anyone can become what they want to be. This then increases happiness and better-performing students.

Every country should understand that free education does not mean happier and more intelligent people. On the contrary, what makes people happy is the freedom to start their careers and an education system that compliments that idea.

United Kingdom

The school curriculum is a crucial aspect of a country’s educational system. The curriculum of the UK is held in high regard by many schools worldwide. It’s considered to be the golden standard for many international schools. This is where other systems should adapt. But it does have its own set of struggles.

First of all, the curriculum can be challenging to understand and impossible to master. This means that countries that do adapt will suffer in their graduation rate. That then means lesser jobs for people. Another struggle is that there aren’t enough people who dedicate so much to their academic profession in individual countries. Most countries take their teachers for granted, and that can certainly be a problem.

Despite these struggles, each country can still adapt to the curricular framework that it has set out for the world. So it’s all about creating a golden standard for individual countries that’s unique to them and creating changes that would facilitate that standard.


Singapore is touted as one of the most innovative countries in the world. As a result, the country has the highest average IQ (108) worldwide. However, experts believe that it’s because of the country’s innovation and need for improvement with an educational system that compliments those ideas that have created this intelligent population.

Singaporeans are innovative people. Its significant shift towards technological advancements and improvements into the economy has created that exact breed of people. The educational system was changed because of that. Instead of creating people who are made to do mundane tasks, the system made creative thinkers instead. This is where the strength of the country’s educational system lies.

Evolution lies in how we think creatively, and Singaporeans have taken advantage of that idea. We should be able to apply that to each of our educational systems. Instead of creating people who are meant to do mundane tasks, we should develop people who can think for themselves.

The Bottom Line

These educational systems are rated highly worldwide. However, regardless of rankings, it’s pretty clear that every country in the world has a unique educational system. Therefore, we do not follow one system because each society is unique, and certain systems might fit other countries better than the rest.

So don’t get discouraged if you don’t find your country on this list. There’s a good chance that the educational system that your country has right now is the perfect fit for your society. However, many intricate cogs spin behind the decision-making behind these educational systems, most of which we do not understand.

But from this article, we can say that the framework that other countries should have in their educational system is freedom in career choice, setting a golden standard for curricula, and reinforcing creative thinking among students. Generally, these are the things that made the countries above so great in their educational system, and this framework is what we should aim to follow.


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