4 Essential Rules For Mixing Metal Finishes In Your Home

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Using metal finishes is a brilliant way to create a modern feel to your home decor. In most cases, people stick to one type of metal and the general consensus is that mixing metals is a bad idea. However, even though it can easily go wrong, it does work well if you get it right. It takes a bit of experimentation to get the balance right, so you need to be patient during the design process. You should also follow these simple rules to help guide your designs. 

Choose One Dominant Metal 

Although mixing metals is fine, you still need a dominant style throughout the room. If you mix a load of different metals in equal amounts, it will end up looking messy and you won’t have a coherent theme throughout the room. If you are considering a renovation, look at what metal finishes are already in the room, if any. For example, if you have a brushed metal finish on the stove and the cooker hood, this should be the dominant finish in your kitchen. You can add flourishes of other metals elsewhere, but the large items should stick to the same brushed metal style. 

Stick To A Few Finishes

Once you have your dominant finish and you want to start adding different metals around the room, pick 2 or 3 to use and stick to those. If you try to incorporate every different metal finish you can find, it looks messy, even if you have a dominant style running through the room. Think of the other metals like accents to the main finish and balance it in the same way that you would any other colour palette. 

Use Small Fixtures To Introduce New Metals

When trying to add different metal finishes to the room, you should start with the small fixtures. Things like these hager silhouette light switches, for example, are perfect. Door and window handles are another simple way to add small bursts of metal to the room. This is the best way to mix metals without it becoming too overpowering. Using small ornaments is another simple way to add more metals too. 

Add Statements Pieces With The Dominant Finish

You need to make sure that the dominant finish is actually dominant in the room so you can get the balance right, so use some statement pieces. Light fixtures are a great way to do this, so consider a big designer chandelier or hanging pendant light. This acts as a focal point for the room and immediately sets the tone. In the kitchen, the appliances will be your dominant pieces, while in the living room, you can use big pieces of furniture, like a large coffee table. 

When mixing different metals in a room, balance is the most important thing. Start with your large pieces and then add little by little until you get a good middle ground. It’s a good idea to mix different hues as well. So, if you are going with stainless steel or silver as the dominant finish, you can then use rose gold or copper to offset it. As long as you are careful and you experiment with it, it is possible to mix metal finishes in the right way. 

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