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The most successful business are usually those which take a different approach and offer a service which no one else does. One of the sectors which are often overlooked is mining. If you live in or are willing to travel to a region that has a lot of natural resources, you might be able to make a profit in trading those resources with people who need them. Here are some business ideas that you can start in the mining industry. 

Mining for limestone

By mining for limestone, you will have the main ingredient needed for making cement which is in high demand all over the world. Limestone can be mined in England, Cuba, Dominican Republic, USA, France, Nigeria and Jamaica.

Mining for iron-ore 

In several countries including Brazil, Australia, China and Nigeria you can mine iron ore which is the main mineral needed for steel production.

Mining for gold 

Gold can be found in high quantities all over the world including South Africa, Australia and Russia. You could also buy and sell raw gold as part of your business. 

Whatever the raw material is that you are mining for, you will need to make sure that you have the right equipment. When you are just starting your business, it’s likely that you won’t have the spare budget to buy the equipment, so think about tool hire or Mobile Plant Maintenance.

Goods transportation service

If you don’t want to do the actual mining, you could offer a transportation service. When the material has been mined it needs to be transported somewhere else to be refined or used. 

Provide a brokerage service

The mining industry often uses middlemen to broker sales between the mining company and the buyer. By connecting buyers and sellers together you will earn a commission on what is being sold.

Machinery and equipment sales or leasing

You could also start a business that sells or leases mining equipment to other businesses.  You will need a large amount of capital to invest in buying the equipment to do this.

Lease an oil well

Oil is a precious commodity, especially as it looks as though the resource will be depleted within the next 40 years. If you are based in a country like Canada, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or Kuwait, you might be able to lease an oil well from the government or private investors to mine crude oil which you can then sell on. 

Start a quarry

A quarry is a basic idea but always in demand as stones are always needed for construction projects all around the world. 

Set up a petroleum refinery

In some countries, crude oil is being produced but there are very few refineries so they can’t turn the oil into fuel. Think about setting up a refinery in one of these countries. 

Crude oil importation/exportation

If you are in a country that does produce oil you could export that oil to other countries, and if you don’t live in an oil-producing country you could start a business importing it. 

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