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While a whole load of negative changes came out of 2020, there were also some positive shifts, both professional and personal. Most notably, many of us have finally had the time to get stuck in with the creative hobbies that have remained frustratingly out of reach until now. 

Of all the creative pastimes that have recently to the fore, baking has to be the most notable, with the vast majority of Instagram feeds now filled with snaps of homemade bread, cakes, and other sweet treats. 

This has opened the floor for baking businesses in a major way and, if you’ve fallen for donning the apron over sitting at a desk this past twelve months, then this is an opportunity that you aren’t going to want to miss. The question is, how exactly do you put a baking bun in your business oven in 2021?

# 1 – Get your bakes a little airtime

First and foremost, you need to win a little airtime for your bakes. YouTube is, by far, the best option for this, with baking videos far outweighing cookbooks this year. Equally, baking-based Instagram reels and well-framed pictures of your finished products are guaranteed to do well, especially if you perfect hashtags and pair this with written recipes on a blog that you link in your bio. Make sure, too, that you reach out to other budding bakers at the same level who can share, like and recommend your page to increase your audience reach no end. 

# 2 – Don’t be afraid to write a cookbook

You might assume that love for baking in your own kitchen doesn’t exactly qualify you to write a cookbook, but you’d be wrong. In fact, with software to help you format and self publish a book of your bakes, this couldn’t be an easier goal to achieve. If you’ve done your job of building an audience, you should even find that real-time publishers soon notice what you’ve launched. This attention can lead to physical book deals that, to this day, spell success for bakers across the world. 

# 3 – Diversify your baking portfolio

Once you have the audience and the book, it’s time to think about diversification. Unfortunately, a cookbook is no longer enough to withstand a business in itself. Rather, this is a stepping stone from which you need to build a brand. It may be that, from here, you release ready-made baking kits with the help of contract food manufacturing brands like Omniblend. Or, perhaps you want to release a line of cookware. You could even focus on building your name well enough to open your very own niche cafe or bakery once the pandemic has passed, proving that you can very much rise dough when the sun doesn’t shine. 

Picture Credit: CC0 Licence

It’s difficult to see business-based benefits from this past year, but a creative switch is definitely one of them and, by baking bad as we move further into 2021, you could just break into the hottest market of the current age. 

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