4 Creative Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Profitable Business

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If working from home through the COVID-19 pandemic has helped you realise that it is time to quit that boring 9-5 you have been stuck in for years, then read on. Some say that when you turn your passions into your career, you never have to work another day again in your life. With that in mind, take a look at this run-through of creative hobbies that you could turn into a profitable business.

  1. Art

If you have always dreamt of being an artist and lockdown has presented you with the spare time to paint more often, then why not considering making your art your career and dedicating your full-time hours to be creative? Once you have a few pieces that you are happy with it, it’s just a case of photographing your artwork like a professional and getting it displayed at a local gallery or online. Building up a network of contacts in the art sector could lead to some big sales and help you to pay the bills.

  1. Painting & Decorating

If you are good with a brush in your hand but don’t necessarily possess that artistic flair, then why not decide to become a painter and decorator? This job can involve both indoor and outdoor work – just be sure to use anti rust paint for any decorating outdoors – and is a real blast. Paid hourly or by a day rate, lots of self-employed decorators earn some seriously good cash. Plus, the past year has taught people to add value to their homes and get them looking pristine, meaning you should experience plenty of custom. 

  1. Interior Design

Perhaps you aren’t quite as practical as an artist or decorator but still possess that creative eye. If so, then why not look at a career in interior design? Working for yourself in this space can be advantageous and if you build up a good network of clients and develop some excellent case studies and recommendations, then you are sure to receive plenty of new business – and earn a fair whack too! If you’ve always spent your days off scrolling through IKEA dreaming about ways to decorate your home, then helping people turn their fantasies into a reality is going to be really gratifying for you. 

  1. Comedy

Always been a bit of a joker and enjoyed playing up in front of your friends and family? If so, then why not get paid to make people laugh by becoming a comedian? The life of a comic can be fantastic fun; with lots of travel involved, it is also a great way to experience a wealth of new things and to meet all sorts of different people. You can easily get a feel for whether you think you have what it takes by heading down to an open mic night in your local area and performing stand-up. If you get a few laughs, then why not charge people to see you perform next time? You could be the next big thing! 

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