Being too positive also needs reality check

It’s great being an optimist as you view the world in a positive light and everything is wonderful in life’s garden. But if you overdose on the positive, you’ll soon be cast as one that doesn’t grasp reality. Being balanced is the right path for a truly positive life.

So here are a few good reasons why you need to rein in your optimistic outlook:

Yin/Yang: There’s a yin for every yang. Optimism is focusing on the good things that may happen and hope that they do come. But never expect things to always go in your favor. So be thankful for the good days and stay hopeful during the bad, knowing that things will get better

Embrace changes: Overdoing optimism can work against you. Be ready to accept when things don’t go to plan. Reality is that change is inevitable and we should be ready to adapt

Law of attraction: Optimism is a requirement in the law of attraction: you attract what you think. So if you think about positive things and focus on your goals, you will achieve them. The reality is the law of attraction doesn’t magically happen, you have to work hard and optimism alone cannot attract your goals. Focus on what you want and let go of thoughts that pull you down

Life is unforeseeable: Optimism helps improve your mood and attitude. It’s good to be optimistic but also be realistic and know that sometimes the answer is “no” and we do not always get what we want. We have to trust that whatever happens, happens

 Fantasy or Faith: Optimism can lead to either faith or fantasy. Some people are so optimistic their expectations are no longer real. Be mindful of what you expect and be logical to what wishes can be achieved

Reality check: Optimistic people lead a positive and peaceful life. But they can be smart and make a balance with reality to avoid disappointment and frustration. Having a reality check will help create a balance that you need for a stress-free life.


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