5 Ways To Promote Your Business For Free

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You know the need to promote your business, of course. But this can sometimes be costly, especially if you’re paying for ad space, printing out flyers and other promotional materials, and paying for your own spot at trade and craft fairs.

Finding ways to market your business for free is a must, especially when your budget is running low and you need to make savings elsewhere.

Here are some ideas that we hope you find useful.

#1: Embrace all that social media can offer you

You can post news on Facebook, pictures of your products on Instagram, and send out interesting tidbits about your business on Twitter. You can upload video tutorials and product guides on YouTube too, and market yourself to other businesses on LinkedIn. These are just a few of the ways social media can be used to promote your business. You can also encourage friends, family members, and your customers to share news about your business on their channels, and ask them to link your website in some of their posts. 

#2: Prime your website for search engines

Your website is one of your greatest marketing tools but it will be redundant if nobody actually visits it. This is why you need to concentrate on SEO (search engine optimisation), as with a few tweaks here and there on your site, it will more easily be picked up by Google’s search engine. 

While there are marketing agencies that can help you when you look online for how to add SEO to my website, you might also be able to do this yourself with the right help guides. Have a look online for a beginner’s guide and give it a go.

#3: Talk about your business offline

Digital marketing is the big thing these days, but offline marketing strategies can still play an important role. This is especially true when you can find ways to promote your products or crafts online. There might be community fairs in your locale for example, where you could sell or showcase the things you create for your business. You could display your wares at home and show them off to any visitors who cross your threshold. And you could simply talk about your business to others, wherever you are, be that when you’re on the train, in a supermarket queue, or somewhere else besides.

#4: Use local listing services

Three of the biggest local listing services are Google My Business, Bing, and Yahoo Local, but there are plenty of others, some of which may be unique to your locale. Check out this list of local business directories, for example, and consider them for your business. These are the sites that people will be using to find businesses such as yours, and because you can list your business on them for free, it makes sense for you to do so.

#5: Send out a press release

When you have something newsworthy to report about your business, send out a press release. You can do this for free with sites such as Media Connect, so use their services, and get word of your business out there to the people that matter to you.

So, there you have it: 5 ways to promote your business for free. Give these methods a go, because if they work out for you, your business will make a profit. 

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