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Regardless of whether you wear glasses at a young age or not, almost everyone can perceive an annoying change in visual acuity from their mid-forties. Feels like it happened overnight. First, the font on the smartphone is getting smaller and smaller, the text in miniature size on packaging can only be guessed at until you give up with average font size – reading glasses become a constant companion. Many people in Australia get glasses from 1001 optical, but here in this article, we will tell you how to improve your eyesight.

The expression “presbyopia” describes what blooms for most people between 40 and 50 years. The visual acuity in the distance is often still OK, but it becomes increasingly blurred in the vicinity. 

Farsightedness begins at around 30 years of age 

Eyesight weakens very slowly and therefore, unnoticed for a long time. The reason for the decreased visual acuity in the vicinity is an age-related hardening of the eye lens. Due to the decreasing elasticity, the refraction angle of the light can no longer be controlled as well.  

Apart from medical measures – can you influence a deteriorating visual acuity yourself? “Child you spoil your eyes!” Still sounds in the ears when reading in low light was the order of the day. 

You cannot actually “spoil” your eyes with it, but they get tired faster. An existing visual defect is more noticeable, and a headache or burning eyes can be an unmistakable sign of reading in low light or too much screen work. If you stare at letters and screens a lot, you also blink less often. The eye is less wetted with tear fluid and dries out faster. If you watch a lot on your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc., you should look up and look into the distance and blink a few times. 

Notice when your eyes get red

Put simply, and our eyes have a kind of day and night vision. The optic nerves react differently to daylight or darkness. With red light, the eye is better adapted to the dark. Blue light sources from screens are more tiring for the eyes, and blue light also cheers up because it inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

If you work more often in the evening or still like to use your tablet or smartphone, install one of the free apps with a blue light filter. You can use them to filter the blue light components on screens, and your eyes will then capture more orange light components as during natural sunset.

What does the acid-base balance have to do with visual acuity? 

In complementary medicine, accumulated acids, which the body has not been able to neutralize and excrete, are seen as a cause of vascular deposits and high blood pressure. Deposits also collect in the fine vessels of the retina and disrupt blood circulation and thus also the supply of nutrients. An unbalanced acid-base balance, which is often accompanied by a diet full of sugar components and a lack of fluids, thickens the blood and disrupts the oxygen and nutrient supply in the cells. 

You can apply these habits to improve your eyesight

  1. Get fresh vegetables and herbs every day. 
  2. Drink about 30 – 40 ml of water (e.g. with lemon) or herbal tea per kilogram of body weight daily. 
  3. Prefer natural sweetness from fruit to industrial sugar.
  4. Use whole grain instead of white or wheat flour products. 

Carrots are good for the eyes 

That can be confirmed. However, it is not just the carrot, but the natural colourant “carotenoids” that belongs to the group of secondary plant substances and is a precursor of vitamin A. This ensures that vitamin A can perform its functions for the body’s functions. The substance is also important in maintaining the immune system, and since vitamin A is a component of the visual pigment, carotenoids are so great for the eyes.  In addition to carrots, this superfood can also be found in: 

  • Apricots
  • Fennel
  • Honeydew melon
  • Lettuce
  • Corn,
  • Parsley, 
  • Spinach, 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Egg yolk.

 Vegetables are generally rich in phytonutrients and are never really bad (be sure to be organic). 

What is the importance of the blood sugar level for the eyes? 

A high blood sugar level increases eye pressure and can lead to water retention in the lens, which affects the visual acuity. Diabetes-related changes in the eye take place before they become noticeable with symptoms. So it’s worth keeping your blood sugar in balance in two ways. 

It has been proven that cardiovascular training and muscle training have an extremely positive effect on blood sugar levels. 

When the muscles start working, they not only get the body moving; they also activate a variety of messenger substances and influence biochemical processes in many areas of the organism. Active muscles release substances that stimulate fat and sugar metabolism in the intestine. These substances cause cells in the intestine to break down excess amounts of sugar and fat more quickly, which is seen as one of the reasons why muscle training works so well in treating or preventing diabetes.

Stress harms the eyes

Oh yeah! Stress in all its variations is the greatest risk to health overall, and even the eyes suffer enormously. Stress can contribute to increased intraocular pressure, which disrupts blood flow and damages the optic nerve.

The increased blood pressure is also noticeable for a short time due to the increased stress levels. When the adrenaline level rises, breathing accelerates, the pupils dilate, and a kind of tunnel vision is created. Peripheral vision is restricted, which can be perceived as blurred vision, flickering, twitching, burning or “sand” in the eye.

Moderate exercise is the best way to reduce stress hormones

In addition, blood circulation in the whole body improves! By increasing the heart and lung volume, the formation of more red blood cells and the improved gas and nutrient exchange, all body cells are supplied with more blood, i.e. with more oxygen and nutrients. 

Mindfulness training and relaxation exercises help to recognize and counteract stressful situations and sensations better. 

The neck muscle affects the eyes

Tense neck muscles also interfere with blood circulation and thus eyesight. A tense neck can be the basis of stress or an incorrect load. Here you can easily have a positive impact yourself.


The amount of nutrients needed for health is almost impossible to get with food. Therefore, it is best to enlist the support of vitamin complexes and be sure that you get the necessary substances in the required amount daily, regardless of the time of year.

Whatever method you use to cure your vision, remember that preventing a problem is easier than solving it. But to recover, you have to work hard – start following the recommendations of specialists and make every effort to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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