Tips to Decorate Your First Born’s Room


The first-born baby holds a special place in the life of parents and all those dear to them. In this aspect, parents always plan to decorate their first-born’s room according to their baby’s gender theme. Designing a nursery of room for your first-born is a fun experience. However, aside from a rewarding experience, it can also be a very daunting task. Especially if you do not know where to start. You might feel a little bit overwhelmed because of this. Certain pregnancy and baby info centres can give new parents insights about room decoration. Here we will discuss some tips the will help you decorate your first-born’s room.

  • Choosing a Crib

The first thing that you should invest in is the baby crib. While you think that crib is a temporary piece and not worth too much expense. A baby normally sleeps in a crib for about two to three years. If you plan to have more children, a strong crib can last through several kids. While buying a crib, be sure that it fits all the safety standards. Safety regulations have evolved a great deal, and you have to make sure you leave your baby alone in something very safe. It will give you peace of mind if you invest in the best quality crib. Some cribs convert to full beds for toddlers, but these are not a recommendation if the child no 2 requires a crib. In term of styling, keep the crib gender neutral if you plan to have more kids.

  • The Bedding

The crib and its bedding make an attractive showpiece of your room. It is a great place to incorporate your theme and style along with colour palette. Be sure you have plenty of spare sheets to go along. Unless you can to do daily laundry, keeping spare sheets on hand help you a lot. Crib skirts add to a style and look, but if you have a modern crib design, do not go for it. If you prefer a traditional crib, then go for skirts. Look for bedding that is 100% cotton and soft to keep your baby’s skin happy. 

  • Changing Table

The most common task that comes with babies is dirty diapers. While there is no way around it, keeping all the essentials close helps you a lot. This is where the changing table comes in handy, as you need somewhere to change your baby’s diapers. You can have a full table or a changing pad you can add o top of a dresser. Either way, you need to think about space before making any decision. If you have enough room, be sure to invest in a changing table that can last a long time. Even after baby’s days gone, the table might prove useful in many ways. It can either be repurposed in many ways like toy storage or a bookcase. Changing top is more useful if you have limited space. You can secure it at the top of a dresser. It would be best if you had a dresser that has an equal level to you for easy access. An advantage here is that even after the baby; you can remove it and have a dresser for your big baby. You need to add some extra essentials here like bind r drawers for extra storage. Add some toys to keep the baby busy while you take care of the business. Invest in plenty of changing pad just like bedding sheets to have more backup on hand. 

  • Nursery Chair

This is an important piece where you have to sit to feed, rock to sleep or just relax. Along with these, you will tell stories, share laughs, cuddles or even a 4 am crying with your baby. This is a place where a lot of baby-parent bonding will happen and needs special consideration. Considering the chair, make sure the moment lulls your baby to sleep. Look for a fabric that has many reuses and is easy to clean. Do remember there will be much poop or spit-ups to deal on this chair. Choose the one that has armrests for you to relax and has enough space for cuddling. Consider the addition of a lumbar pillow for additional back support. If possible, invest in a chair that you can add to your room once the baby phase has passed. A quality rocking chair is a piece that you can present to your grandchildren as a family heirloom. This is an opportunity to repurpose something from other room to add as a rocking chair here. 

  • Decoration

The decoration is a necessary part of your baby room as it sets the overall mood. If you already have the gender revealed, then add colours and set them according to gender. If you have kept it a surprise, be sure to keep it gender-neutral to fit for the baby. Start with the rig, which you can keep as a colourful addition that babies like a lot. Choose the carpet, wool rugs and curtains that are easy to clean and replace. Keep it simple and be sure to keep dust out of it to secure your baby’s health. 


Having a baby is both an exciting and nerve-racking experience. A first-born baby has a special place in everyone’s heart. The room you set has always been a dream of yours, and you need to keep it as much likeable as possible. Take tips as mentioned earlier as guidelines to help you get the best baby room decoration.

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