The World’s Best Top 10 Distillery Tours


It does not matter whether you are a whiskey wiz or a beer boomer; a tour of the distillery is something that fascinates everyone. In my opinion, touring through the process and creation of smooth beverages is a sort of therapy in itself. Here are the top 10 distillery tours for you to visit. 

Archie Rose

The Archie Rose Distillery tour is one of the finest in the world that takes you through a classic journey. Apart from gin and vodka, whiskey tour is something that truly sets it apart from others. The process for whiskey creation starts with: grain, fermentation, distillation and maturation is further enhanced with an expertly guided tasting. It will give you a completely new outlook into your whiskey choices and will further augment your sense for the future. The whole tour delicately teaches you the basics of whiskey conception along with giving you the most creative experience ever. 

Heaven Hill Bourbon

Located in the heart of Kentucky, this American distillery is a true dream. Apart from amazing tours, it also provides a source of heritage that can make visitors learn more about history as well. The variety of tours mainly ranges from thirty minutes to three hours depending upon your liking and budgets. The tour takes you through the stunning distillery and also passes through one of Heaven Hill’s 49 barrelhouses. Along with that you also get to taste their distinct bourbons that are simply exotic. This is the perfect tour for all the bourbon lovers who crave imagination. 

City Of London

If it is the one thing that the British know how to do right then it has to be their gin. The City Of London distillery that is situated on Brides Lane has attracted many tourists with its amazing tours over the years. The tour takes you through a detailed journey that divulges the convolution of how artisan gin is created. Starting right from the stills to the bottling link, the tour manages to capture all specifics to give you the most electrifying experience ever. Gin fans can even opt to book themselves for a master class to indulge in a tailor-made experience. 


Transformed into a distillery in 1966 from a textile mill, the Deanston distillery is famous for generating its own power. The tour of this distillery has to be one of the most enthralling ones. It takes you through the ethereal remainders of what was declared to be the prime waterwheel in Europe, which has now been switched by turbines. This tour is both educational and luring as it gives you the true sense of old age spirits and how they are created. Their hand-prepared scotch whiskeys are something that many people tend to enjoy and explore through the tour. 

 Santa Teresa

The Santa Teresa distillery is Venezuela’s oldest rum manufacturer. It is surrounded by almost 900 acres of sugarcane, which is the base ingredient for the creation of rum. The tour of this distillery offers so much to tourists that they thoroughly enjoy it. In the tours, you get to experience various aromas from one place to the other. Also, the harvesting of sugarcane into the finest rum truly makes you wonder about the abilities of the creators. The whole trip gives a complete understanding of rum production to the visitor.


Being one of the oldest working distilleries in England, Plymouth has been producing gin from a unique recipe since 1793. Many people from all around the globe come to experience the distinctive characteristic that their gin carries. The tours of this distillery have many options and can be chosen according to your liking. It offers a classic Plymouth Gin tour followed by an enhanced gin connoisseur’s tour and finally a full master distiller’s tour. The pricing and timings for each tour vary and you can choose it according to your preference. It truly is a lifetime experience of all sorts. 

The Glenfiddich

Positioned in the heart of Scotland, the Glenfiddich distillery resonates with the ethos of being a family-run corporation that carries traditional values. It offers distinct tours that capture the beauty of the distillery’s foundations along with its amazing progression. There is a 90-minute long tour that takes you through the entire story of the Glenfiddich. Then you also have options for 2 hours and 30 minutes tour and a full in-depth 4-hour tour as well. Each of these takes you through the distillery and depict the Mash and Still Houses, warehouses and many more along with the tasting of numerous diverse varieties of whiskeys. 

Buffalo Trace

The name for this distillery was initiated where the prehistoric Buffalo previously wandered in a valley near the Kentucky River in the United States. It has a 200-year rich history in creating excellent bourbon and American whiskey. They offer many sensational tours that include: the trace tour, the hard hat tour, the post-prohibition tour and the ghost tour. From an in-depth tour to the legendary process behind the scenes, you can experience the distillery in all of its glory. The best thing about that this distillery is that it is available to hire for personal occasions. Who would not want to get married in a distillery? 


The Bundaberg distillery is located in Australia and their rum has been commended as one of the premium Aussie spirits ever. Giving you a truly dynamic experience, they offer tourists two different tours. The first one is more like a story in which you can get to the layers of the distillery in a scenic expedition. The second one has interactive displays and astounding visuals that are something that you do need to experience at some point in your life. The insight tours are truly not to be missed for this. 


Residing in the equidistant of an exquisitely intense forest of Hakushu, this is one of the most isolated distilleries in Japan. Laying at such high altitudes, their malt whiskey is simply sublime. Their tour is unique as it begins outside the natural forest and goes on to show the astounding inside of the stunning distillery. From different shapes to sizes, the bronze stills contain many variations to their malt whiskey flavors. The silver lining of the tour is the tasting session of the distillery’s assortment that is offered at the end. 

These tours offered by the best distilleries in the world are a great way for people to enjoy their favorite spirits. From the making to the packaging of liquors, it gives the tourists a true insight into the whole process in great profundity.

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