Ten Tips to Become a Professional Artist

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Typically when people start as an artist they have no clue about what they are doing. Only a few out of a thousand turn professional, others just end up giving up on their passion. So if you are confused about how to turn your passion for art into a full-fledged career, then you are not alone. Without guidance, it will take you ages to figure it out and even more time to map out the process of becoming a successful artist. That is why we have compiled a guide that will get you there in no time. You can find every step to climb the artistic ladder in this guide. From using the best art supplies from art supplies Sydney to showcasing your work we have outlined it all. Now it’s all up to you as you hold the reins.

Below are the ten important tips which will help to make you a successful professional artist:

  • Believe that Art is No Different from Other Careers

Many people fail this first and foremost test. They believe that art can only be a hobby. Thus they never take the risk of trying it out as a career. They don’t know how many opportunities it beholds. So the belief that you can earn as an artist sets the foundation for your success. So like everything in life, art needs optimism as well. You not only have to instill positivity within you but you will also have to change the perception of others. Society will ridicule you but you will have to toughen up and stand up to them. Remember your belief is what is going to change things for you!  

  1. Understand the Methodology 

It’s a myth that art requires only creativity. Art also needs organizing and without being methodological you can’t succeed. If you are an unorganized artist then it’s time to clean the mess up. You might be able to create a masterpiece without a straight cut process. But to create a skyrocketing career you will need strategies, plans and lots of thinking. Like all careers, becoming an artist also requires milestones that have to be reached and thresholds that must be surpassed. Like a process that needs to be followed to create art, similarly, a path needs to be followed to become an artist! So you need to set goals, make a checklist, and harness will power to accomplish the goals. 

  1. Show Grit

Another ingredient in the recipe for transforming from a starving artist to a thriving one is grit. It is said that the time that you defend your work is the time that you become an artist. So know that your work is good and believe in your skill. This will show your determination to succeed and eventually pave your way. This grit will make you powerful beyond measure, and you will end up not just becoming a professional but will become a master.

  1. Commitment is the Key

We all know that all jobs require you to recognize your ability and create your reality and for this, you need to be consistent. In the case of art, your work will reflect both the skill you hold and how committed you are. Your work will not just be the piece you create but what you put in it. So be committed and become enchanted by your passion. Not only claim your calling but be true to it and watch it transform you into a fierce and powerful artist. Nothing changes by just accepting that you are an artist. Real change begins when you constantly work toward proving yourself as an artist!

  1. Be Patient

Art is not a one night scheme. It requires loads of hard work and even then you have to wait for your efforts to bear fruit. Your work will not become famous in a day but eventually, you will see your name popping up in galleries if you wait! Patience here is very crucial as most people give up way too quickly. They are looking for a jackpot and when they don’t find one immediately they let go of the diamond mine they were about to reach! Remember most renowned artists find success late in their careers. This is because art takes time to make its mark. The older it gets the more it enhances in value. So don’t get discouraged by the dark clouds today set your eyes on tomorrow. With patience, you will soon see the silver lining that will take you all the way there!

  1. Become Confident

Remember if you are consistent in your efforts than you shouldn’t be afraid of anything. You will have to face the critics no matter what. So why not face them now and get over your fears. The majority of the artists lose out because they are frightened to hear negativity. Don’t do the same. As every coin has two sides, so there will be some bad-mouthing wherever you go. The thing that matters is how you combat it. If you want to become a pro, learn how to make the most out of these fears instead of succumbing to them. So no matter what others have to say, monetize your passion and build your career the way you want. Your art should be your choice and you should showcase it confidently! Nothing less will do.

  1. Exhibit the Work

Exhibition for artists is like a coming-out party. They might sound exhilarating yet terrifying because you want it to be perfect. But in search of perfection don’t prolong it as perfection is not meant for a single show. It’s your first shot but not your last one so does make it count but don’t take forever. To become a professional artist you must allow yourself to be seen as soon as you have enough pieces. Reclaim your power by exhibiting what you love in your style.

  1. Value Your Worth and Monetize Accordingly

Once you get in the flow, the real challenge is how to price your work. Don’t compare your pieces to others. Your pieces are unique so create their worth according to them. Remember the tag on your creation is not just money, it is your value. So never let it go down. You have to value your pieces first if you want others to value them. The way you monetize them reflects how confident you are. Don’t overdo it as well or your pieces will gather dust!

  1. Get Support

The best and fastest way to grow is to join others in the same struggle. Asking for support is not a bad thing. So join a community, and get to learn from your fellows. They have walked the path seen the ups and downs so they might ease your transformation by sharing their journey. Share your opinions as well so that you might help someone else in the same boat. “Integrate to inspire” should be your motto!  Find a art mentor or art business coach who can work along side you, and holf you accountable so you can achieve the goals you set  for your creative practice.

  1. Begin Now

You have the strategy, confidence, tools, skills, and clarity right at your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Start the career you love now without hesitating, there is no point waiting as it brings you no good. Every second count, so take your first step now. Even if your hands are shaking and your feet are trembling, step forward. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain! Don’t remain stagnant and progress towards becoming a pro!


These ten steps have supported artists all around the globe. They not only helped artists create mind-blowing pieces but also to monetize their work in the most profitable manner. We hope that they helped you to find the most sustainable ways to make money doing what you love. Good luck and may all the colors be in your favor!


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