Providing A Comfortable And Happy Workplace For Your Employees

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It should come as no surprise that your place of work has a significant impact on your levels of productivity, performance and overall mood. If you and your employees are working in an environment that is dark, gloomy and unpleasant, it can leave everyone feeling a little demoralised, demotivated and like no one cares about their wellbeing – and this can lead to high staff turnover. Often, it’s the little things that can make a tremendous amount of difference – thoughtful details as tarps to protect bikes in bad weather, or somewhere to put wet coats and umbrellas – things that do not make a massive dent in your business budget, but that can make the workday a little easier and keep your employees feeling happy and healthy.

Here, we look at some of the ways that you can provide a pleasant and comfortable working experience for everyone.

Build a team that gels

It doesn’t matter how comfortable and beautiful a building or workspace is, if your colleagues are unpleasant or you do not work well together as a team, it is not going to be a nice place to work. Spend some time creating a team that gels and works well. Don’t be afraid to make changes where necessary, and when it comes to hiring new staff, look at the bigger picture. Sure, they might be qualified for the job, but are they going to fit in with the rest of your team without friction?

Have a space for downtime

You need to be providing a comfortable space for your employees to relax in when it is their break. Many will try to work through at their desks, falsely believing it is a sign of dedication and hard work. Try to discourage this culture in the workplace – if your staff have regular breaks where they can rest and switch off for a short time, they are much more likely to be productive when they return to their desks. Make sure there is an area that they can go to away from the main working area, with comfortable seating and somewhere to make a drink and store and heat their food. It doesn’t have to be a fully equipped kitchen – a fridge, microwave, kettle and toaster should be enough. Some forward-thinking workplaces have things like pool tables in break areas. While these are not necessary, it can be a fun way to encourage bonding and healthy relationships between your staff.

Make sure there is plenty of natural light

Natural light can make a whole load of difference to a space. A lack of natural light can lead to seasonal affective disorder – feelings of sadness and depression. Where you can, have as much bright, natural light as possible. If that isn’t possible, fit artificial lighting that mimics the natural light from the sun. This will help improve your employees’ mood and make them more productive.

By implementing these steps, you will help make the work environment a much nicer place, reducing staff absence and turnover, and making you more profit. It’s a win all round!

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