‘Bright Stars from Australia’ – Australia’s artistic talents set for world stage at London’s Brand Licensing Europe with ArtSHINE industries

More than 30 artists, the latest cohort of Art & Design talent from across Australia, will be showcasing their works on a global stage with the Sydney-based Creative Industries hub – ArtSHINE – at a leading Brand and Licensing exhibition in October.

After two successful years exhibiting at New York’s SURTEX, ArtSHINE is heading to London to boost awareness and network with clients and other exhibitors at Brand Licensing Europe, the global B2B marketplace for sourcing original Art & Design and Brand Licenses. ArtSHINE will represent Australian Artists and Designers at BLE running from October 1-3 2019.

Founded by Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex, ArtSHINE fosters an expanding roster of artists and works worldwide as a Licensing Agent seeking suitable manufacturers, companies, and art directors ready to license diverse, fresh, and on trend properties and art.

“It’s a great opportunity for our talented pool of Artists and Designers to be promoted on the world stage.” Vinh Van Lam said. “And it doesn’t get any bigger than BLE.”

“We’re exhibiting at BLE to take Australian artists to the next level.” Vinh Van Lam said. “Putting Australian Creative Professionals on an international stage gives them an opportunity to shine on a larger scale.

Here at ArtSHINE it’s our mission to help commercially minded Creative Industries Professionals build sustainable art practices and create residual income streams so they can better pursue their lives with passion and true purpose.” Vinh added.

Operating for nearly a decade, ArtSHINE works to discover new Artists, Designers, and Creative Industries Professionals with unique art, styles, and techniques.

Moving beyond the traditional agency model, ArtSHINE is Australia’s independent Creative Industries Enterprise Acceleration Platform + Launch Pad identifying, advancing, and funding commercially minded and innovative Creative Industries Professionals who focus on art, craft, artisanal making, design, fashion, entertainment, photography, music, writing, film & television, digital technology, and games & interactive content. ArtSHINE offers a flexible, practical, and real-world approach to commercialisation, licensing, entrepreneurial education, creative practice, entrepreneurship, and self-leadership.

ArtSHINE Licensing Artists are skilled in a host of disciplines including apparel fabric, children’s merchandise, craft & hobby, decorative accessories, home furnishings & textiles, packaging, paper products, publishing, as well as fashion, greeting cards, tabletop & housewares, wall decor, wall coverings, and giftware.

Participating this year are ArtSHINE Licensing Artists; Ann Hutchinson, Anthony Van Lam, Carrie Webster Gabby Malpas, Georgia Patton, Kristine Ballard, Marina Strijakova, Rebecca Anne Brady and Sillier than Sally.

From ArtSHINE’s Accelerator program are, Kenneth W H Lee, Lisette Coates, Sami Sparrow ,Valerie Khoo and Zahrina Robertson . And from ArtSHINE’s Launch Pad program; Camryn Smith, Girija Kulkarni, James Mathurin, Melissa Read Devine, Sergio Sill, Wendy Leung, game studio ‘Insert Dragon Here’ and  Mudina Entertainment Division.

For the first time this year, ArtSHINE is also launching a PC game; “Princess vs Dragons” from independent game studio ‘Insert Dragon Here’ and a Board Game “Heroes of Tsolon” from Mudian Entertainment Division.

CONTACT: VInh Van Lam vinh@artshine.com.au Call: +61 410 636 138

ArtSHINE licensing (a division of ArtSHINE Industries), is a Sydney based licensing agency representing a diverse, fresh, and on trend portfolio of Australia based creative industries professionals. Providing support and expertise for artists and clients alike, ArtSHINE showcases a carefully curated
range of styles, skills, subjects, and specialties for manufacturers & licensees to choose from. With an extensive, and constantly growing, collection available for immediate licensing, ArtSHINE works in close partnership with our artists & designers as it collaborates with manufacturers & licensees to create successful product lines. Our ArtSHINE licensing artists & designers can design to specification, modify existing art, and create


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Vinh Van Lam
the authorVinh Van Lam
Vinh Van Lam, co-founder of ArtSHINE, is a visionary art coach and entrepreneur with a passion for fostering creativity. With a diverse background in art and business, he brings a unique perspective to empower emerging artists, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic art industry through the innovative platform of ArtSHINE.

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