Types Of Renewable Energy You Need To Know


Fuel is what makes the world go around. It helps our buildings to run, our cars to travel, and our food to be cooked and produced. Fuel is a huge part of our modern life and it is something which we often take for granted.

In the last few hundred years we have been using fuels such as New Era Fuels, natural gas and coal and the main issue with these is that they will one day run out. Fossil fuel are ones which were formed millions of years ago and this means there is a limited supply, which drives up the cost and also the environmental impact.

Today we are going to have a look at new clean fuels and how you can use them in your life.


Solar power is most likely the most popular renewable energy form and it is one used by many. Solar panels are ones which are powered by the sun light and they create energy which can be converted into electricity to power our homes and offices. Solar panels are encouraged by the government and it in some cases if you decide to install solar panels onto your home you will be supplemented by the government for using them! 

Wind Power

One of the great sources of power that we can use every day is wind. Wind is a natural resource we have in the world due to things such as gravity and tides and motion, and it is something which costs nothing to farm and utilise. To use a wind turbine for energy can be a much more efficient way to power cities and much cleaner as well.

Hydroelectric energy

Hydroelectric power is something which uses the gravitational pull of water which has been lifted from the oceans by sunlight. This resource often uses reservoirs to create this energy and it is something which can be used by many people in cities and rural areas too.


This is a type of energy which comes from plants, and it is a commonly used form of energy all over the world. The most popular way of using biomass is by burning down trees which unfortunately is not a good thing for our planet and can produce a lot of carbon dioxide. There are however some more modern forms of biomass energy which don’t have too much of a negative effect on the planet.


Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on the planet and fuel cells are used to create energy for many towns and cities. When used these create very little pollution and this means that they can be a great choice for cities who want to reduce their carbon footprint this year. 

Geothermal power

This is a type of energy which is leftover from the accretion of the planet and it is utilised with radiative decay and heat. It is a way of harvesting the heat formed at the early stages of our planet by taking radiation which is released every single day from the ground.

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