Where To Set Up Your Art Studio?

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Art and design studios are far from a thing of the past. Although many businesses essentially have their owns studios, this doesn’t mean that the concept of the standalone studio has vanished. Film and animation giants all have their own filming departments but that doesn’t mean actually film studios are a thing of the past. You could even determine them to be specialists now since they are not merging with other industries or sectors. Inherently, it makes art and design studios very attractive for small businesses. There are so many opportunities nowadays for an independent art studio, to make a massive impact in the world. For one thing you now have the ability to work from home, and also service businesses that are also working from home. Networking online can be done instantaneously to share you work and offer deals to customers. But how could you start up your own studio just from scratch?

Does location matter?

Would where you’re located really affect your traffic? Yes and no. if you are competing in a very hotly contested environment such as London or Paris, then you will need to definitely consider the location more carefully. This is because a lot of small businesses would like to meet you in person and even though you have a website, a business meeting has to be done in person. You also plant your flag and offer a real world address for international contracts, communication or customers. When they see you’re based in a large city, it favours your business appearing more professional. However the online world is far larger than the real world so, as long as you have great online tools to reach new customers and communicate with clients then even a remote location is considerable.

What if you’re expanding?

With great success often comes the challenge of spreading your wings. It’s an exciting time to have to look over news pastures to find another location to set your studio up. Venturing into other cities and into high-rise commercial buildings is a great idea. The only issue for many is how would they take care of such a property while they’re not working inside it? Well, that’s where strata management comes in as professional companies offer their services of maintaining commercial property for you. This is a special kind of property management, something that corporations use more and more of. The main benefit is the day to day operations and management of the property, such as utilities, logistics, amenities and structural maintenance.

Consider employee wellbeing

Being an artist comes with it’s own quirks. We know that many artists are temperamental, and emotion plays a big part in their artistic expression. So don’t choose a location whereby it’s difficult to navigate to and from. You don’t want artists showing up for work frustrated because they have to wake up too early or get stuck in traffic.

An art studio is a brilliant place to work in, but it has to be modern. Which is why high-rise commercial offices where once the art and design world didn’t enter, is now a great choice to set up your studio.

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