Keeping Your Employees Happy In The Workplace

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Staff happiness is very much important to any business because if they aren’t happy, then the work productivity as a whole will suffer. Here’s how to keep your employees happy in the workplace.

Make The Working Environment More Comfortable

If your business has an office, then staff working at a desk for most of the day can get quite uncomfortable. It’s important that you’re looking after the health of your staff because if attention isn’t paid to their work environment, the damage could certainly impact the business if that staff member has to take time off work for health reasons.

So whenever anyone starts within the organisation, they should ideally have a work station check. This will be to make sure that the computer monitor is in the right place and that the chair they have is comfortable and that there’s enough back support. You can get all your office furniture needs from a company like Arteil Perth, who is known for top quality office furniture that will provide comfort for your staff and guests.

Offer Flexible Working

Flexible working is certainly becoming more normal within a lot of businesses because it’s made such a difference in the happiness of employees and the productivity levels in general. Businesses are also conscious that a lot of people are after an equal work-life balance, and flexible working offers this. It’ll show a respect for your employees, and they’ll appreciate the trust you’ve given them to work from home when needed and to take time off when it’s required.

Listen To Staff Concerns

Concerns that fall on deaf ears aren’t going to help your relationship with your staff members. When staff raises concerns, it’s important to pay attention. That’s one way of showing value to your employees, even if their concern is something that you might not be able to address immediately. As an employer, there’s a responsibility to your staff and therefore if there are problems that occur within the workplace then they need to be dealt with, with urgency. If ignored, then it’s more likely your staff turnover rates are going to be higher than normal.

Offer Incentives & Rewards

It’s enough that you pay your staff a monthly wage and there’s not normally any expectation to do anything else. However, when staff are performing well and profiting your company with exposure, financial success or just general good work, it’s good to reward them. So whether it’s a financial reward or a company dinner that’s all paid for, offer these incentives and rewards to encourage staff to work harder and to strive for success.

The more time and attention you give to your staff, the better. Focus on offering incentives and things like flexible working to show that respect and value to your employees. Make the working environment as comfortable as possible and don’t forget to check in every now and then to make sure everyone is ok. Staff will end up being more loyal and proud to be working in a company that respects and appreciates their staff so much.


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