Could an Art Print Business Be Right for You?

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If you’re a creative individual then it can be tough trying to find your big break to start a business. Art is, relatively speaking, a breeze compared to actually finding a way to sell your creations. You could paint, draw and sculpt as much as you like, but without finding some way of marketing and selling your art by turning it into a product that people like, you’re not going to make much money at all with your creative business.

That’s why we recommend art prints as a fantastic way to get started with your career. You’re essentially going to be selling your art on a number of different mediums and you’d be surprised at how simple it can be to start up.

But the question is; could an art print business be right for you, or just a waste of time?

Do you know your goals?

Let’s face it; everyone in the creative industry has their own goals. Some want to be fashion designers, others want to be freelance artists and some want to create works of fiction with their art. If you have a goal in mind, then you need to ask yourself if setting up an art print business is a step in the right direction.

It will allow you to practice your art and sell it to see if it’s popular and it will also teach you the basics of how to start and run a business. However, it will not lead to a successful career on its own and you need to be able to scale up your business and take advantage of the lessons you’ve learned and resources that you’ve built up.

Do you have the resources?

If you want to start an art print business on your own then all you really need is a printer, toner and some ideas. Extras like a studio space and art equipment can help, but you could honestly get started with an inexpensive computer if you want to be frugal. You can then start printing your pieces of art, framing or at least protecting them, then sending them out to your buyers. This is arguably one of the most frugal and simple ways to start an art print business, but there are other methods thanks to the wonders of eCommerce.

If you have the funds to start, then you can easily create a drop shipping business by digitising your works of art with a scanner or drawing them directly into a digital format, and then printing them on apparel and merchandise products. This is a fantastic way to set up passive income while you work on your designs and perfecting your craft. It’s a small start, but it’s a humble one that can lead to much better things. Once  you know there is a demand for your art you may consider take to the next step by license your art.  

Is it right for you?

If you have some solid goals in mind and are willing to collect the resources needed to start an art print business, then it can be a fantastic start to a creative career. As long as you can take advantage of the networking opportunities it can offer and learn from any mistakes that you make, it’s an excellent foundation for any creative career path.


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