Struggles at the Studio: Bringing Your Workplace Back up to Standard!


As a creative professional, your workspace is everything. It’s where the work gets done and where the magic happens, and so you need an area that’s comfortable, well thought out and allows you to be as productive as possible. Whether you’re an artist, baker, florist or anything in between, here are some ideas for getting your studio or workspace back up to scratch.

Give it a clean and organise

As creatives, we’re generally not well known for our organisational skills! But it’s important to keep the space in order if you want to stay productive and do your best work. Even if you’re a baker or work in food, your surfaces might be sparkling clean but how organised are your cupboards and pantry? Go through everything, throw away what you no longer need and find good storage solutions for everything else. If things are really bad, have a commercial cleaning company come in and tackle the job for you. Once everything is in its place, decluttered and clean you’ll find you can work more efficiently, and it can even boost your mood too.

Check the thermostat

All of us need to be at the correct temperature while we’re working. Too hot or too cold and you’re going to be more focused on that than anything else. Look into commercial air conditioning as well as heating for your studio or work area. Have blackout blinds fitted that can be adjusted and block out light and heat on a hot day. Make sure the windows can be opened to let in a cool breeze during the summer. If you have a thermostat fitted you can check that your workspace is always at the right temperature. For certain crafts, the temperature is vital. If you’re working with materials that melt or with certain food ingredients for example then you’ll need to have a close eye on this.

Open the blinds

Speaking of blinds, letting the light in is another important way to give your workplace a boost. If you’re an artist, designer or work in any other craft that requires clear vision then good lighting is of course key. While you’ll need good artificial light too, natural light is important and can also boost mood. Move your desk closer to the window, and invest in adjustable blinds. That way you can let in plenty of natural light but without blinding yourself! If your studio is lacking in natural light, perhaps due to the direction the building faces or the size of the window then it’s well worth considering a move.

Getting your working area up to a good standard can help your creative juices flow as you’re not being bogged down by messy surroundings. It can mean you have access to everything you need, as you know where things are. And it can keep you comfortable and allow you to do your best work.

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