The Health Benefits of Gaming

Science and research data is constantly ruining things for us: too much junk food is bad for you, alcohol should only be consumed in moderation, you must exercise 3 to 5 times a week for a healthy body and mind. All of the empirical evidence supports the above statements, and to some extent most people wish it didn’t, as things like this often make our life harder and busier. However, science sometimes supports surprising conclusions. For example, new research evidence points to the fact that gaming can actually be good for your health, particularly your cognitive health.

For example, gaming has been shown by studies to increase the power of the brain areas responsible for cognitive skills such as spatial awareness, memory, and long-term planning. This may not be a surprise to anyone who has played an esoteric game like Zelda. However, the consensus does seem to be that gaming is either something to be avoided orshould be grown out of. Further evidence suggests that gaming can help in a patient’s recovery from trauma or an accident, helping them get better more quickly.

In this case then science can be our friend. Though gaming, Unfortunately, cannot actually make you smarter can, it improve your cognitive health overall and it can help you improve some of your cognitive skills. So for once take account of the research

and plug-in and turn on your console.

To find out more about the ways in which gaming can be your health take a look at the info graphic below from Computer Planet.


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