Wait, What Do You Really Need To Set Up Your Own Website?

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If you explore a few different blogs online, you will find a number of different articles providing information about what you will need to set up and run your own website. The most optimistic sites will tell you that you don’t need any knowledge, experience and most important of all, you won’t need any money. Are they right?

Technically, yes. It is possible to set up a website with none of these things, but before you do that, it’s important to ask one simple question. Why are you building your own site? You might just fancy giving it a go and perhaps you’d just like a space online where you can share your thoughts and write a few articles. That’s fine, but most people who start a website and are over the age of 21 aren’t doing it for this reason. No, they’re looking at it as a business opportunity and if you are doing the same, don’t expect to get something for nothing.

How Much Will It Cost?

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The cost of your business website will differ depending on what you want to achieve. You might be looking to set up your own e-commerce company through this site, and if that’s the case, you need to start by thinking about the domain name. Now again, it’s possible to buy a domain name for a fractional price, but you may not want to do this because that’s probably not going to be a very catchy name and your domain is important. It has to be something that users can easily find and remember, not just a jumble of letters and numbers.

You might also have heard that you can get a domain online for free. You can but then you’re not hosting your own site, you’re piggybacking off something like WordPress or Blogger. That’s great for newbie bloggers, but even pro bloggers eventually expand out of this space to have their own domain and host a site that is completely separate.

As we said, costs of this can differ, but you will be looking at something in the low thousands if you want a decent domain. It’s at this point that you should be considering a loan and do make sure that get loan repayment advice. It’s crucial to make sure that you can afford to pay back whatever you take out on time without further issues.

What Services Do I Need?

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Oh, quite a few starting with a web design service. You might again think that you can do this yourself, but if you know nothing about web design, it’s best to call in a pro. For your site to be successful, it has to stand out, and that’s only going to happen with the right level of support from a great designer. Otherwise, people will click on your site and immediately just think you’re offering more of what they have already seen.

On top of this service, you will also need things like SEO and perhaps even a content creation team.

So, what’s the final number? Including security and everything else, you could be looking at the cost of up to ten grand, and that’s a basic website. The good news is that with an investment like this you can almost guarantee that customers and users will see it and visit it. It’ll be up to you to keep them coming back for more in the months and years after that.


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