Why Going Green Is Good For Your Business

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We live in a world that is fast moving toward energy efficiency. Everyone wants to grow up and save the planet, and it’s not a bad thing. Going green means using less of nature to forward our growth and more of our own innovation. There are plenty of benefits for a small business who wants to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, and it’s not just about the money that will be saved on the gas and electric bills.

An organisation that promotes themselves as one that cares for the environment – and actually lives by their own rules – is one that attracts top talent. Not only that, but your organisation would retain those staff so that you have an edge over the competition. People appreciate a business that cares more about the dollar and aims their efforts toward the environment. A business that contributes to a secure future is one that is built to last, and that could be your business. Here are some simple reasons why your business should go green today:

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  • Saving money is a big issue for businesses, and if you can achieve savings with your energy costs, conservation and waste services you can do more as a company. Instant Waste Management provide business recycling bins, and as there is a service that does this there is really no excuse. Do your part and you can watch your dollars save!
  • By being a business that promotes all things green, you can offer flexible scheduling, which instantly makes you more attractive to top talent. Being able to offer remote working cuts your costs enormously, as you won’t be running an office requiring light and heat for thirty. This is where the technological revolution has come in handy!
  • Giving your office a makeover in greenery can ensure a healthier environment for people to work in. Plants have the ability to absorb indoor air pollution and in doing so, increases the flow of oxygen around the office. Your office can be green literally with the addition of plants.
  • Getting your staff involved in making green suggestions for the business means that your people are working as part of a team. This type of camaraderie gives your office an overall boost and means your employees stay loyal to you.
  • Being known as a firm that chooses to go green above anything else can be very attractive to the right employees. You show that you care about people by caring for the environment, and everyone loves an employee who takes notice and nurtures.
  • Any time you choose to change something in your workplace to green, you are improving your company image to the industry. Competitors that you are working against become beneath you because of what you do and how you conduct yourself in an eco-friendly way.

Going green isn’t just about painting the office in different shades of jade and turquoise. It’s about knowing where you can maximise your image, attract new people and save the planet all at the same time.

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