SEO Fundamentals: Keywords


Keywords are one of the most essential elements in SEO. they are the fundamental foundation of the whole concept and understanding about keyword is crucial to be successful in the SEO of your company website.

Search and intent is the term to describe when someone searches on an engine such as Google and is looking for something specific. The way you can take advantage of this specific search is by identifying the right keywords which will appear in the search bar. Any word that someone types into the search bar is known as a keyword. Think about when you want to search for something online, you might type into the search bar

‘Red dress party’

And from this you will obtain a list of results which are related to this item. The top search results will have used these keywords many times within their website and targeted that specific set of words when optimising their websites. This is why keywords can be incredibly crucial to the success of your business.

By choosing the right set of keywords and making sure that your website is full of references to those words, you could land yourself higher up in the results and increase your search engine ranking. The benefit of this is of course that you will be seen by more people and your website will gain a lot more traffic. This is why knowing about keywords and how to use them is essential.

Low Competition

As with anything in life, you will be more likely to see success if you go for low competition keywords. By researching what keywords people use to search on the web and targeting the low competition options, you will increase your chance to rank on the first page o the search results.

Relevant Keywords

The biggest task when choosing keywords to target is making sure that they are relevant to what your website is about. If you use keywords for cheap baby toys but actually sell gadgets, you are not going to get the right people visiting your website. Take some time to write a list of keywords that are relevant to your specific post or website and then choose a few options to target. This way the people who are looking for what you offer will find you.

Where does it go?

Now that you have chosen your keyword you may be wondering where you are supposed to put it. You need to be adding your keyword into the title of your content, into the blog posts themselves and also change the url name to fit the blog post in question. When you are adding the keyword to your post, make sure you don’t make the article look unnatural. Don’t just throw the word in here, there and everywhere; make sure it fits what you are saying. This way the people who come onto your site after finding it on the web will actually be able to read something useful and informative.

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