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You might not think so, but the decor of your office can have a surprisingly significant impact on your employees and your business. The way your office is (or isn’t) decorated can have a direct impact on productivity levels, happiness and even the number of sick days taken, which is why it pays to pay attention to your office decor.

Want to know more? Check out these elements of office decor and how they can impact your business:

Organizational Elements

Having a place for everything and everything in its place might seem like a simple thing, but when you have plenty of filing cabinets, shelves, and drawers for your employees to make use of, it can significantly increase their productivity. Think about it; they won’t have to spend half an hour looking for that important file or an hour sifting through a messy stack of papers to find what they need. It makes the workplace, less stressful too, so if you haven’t already, ensure that there is more than enough storage in your office right now.

Relaxing Spaces

Having a relaxing space like a break room, where you and any employees you may have can retreat to away from your desks for a few minutes throughout the day, has been proven to increase productivity. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just get a good commercial painter to give it a lick of paint in a relaxing colour like lavender, grey or pale blue, add a couple of comfy couches and tea and coffee making facilities and actually give your staff enough breaks to enjoy it and you should see a boost in yo0ur business’ productivity levels in no time at all.


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Several studies now have shown that office workers who are surrounded by plants, even if it is only one plant on their desk, are better able to pay close attention and have higher productivity levels than their plant-less peers. Some studies have even shown that having plants at work can boost the happiness of employees, which is why you should schedule a trip to the local garden centre right now.

Personal Items

It’s a joyless boss who doesn’t let their employees put up personal pictures or add mascots and other little touches to their desk or cube. Anyway, employees who are able to personalise their space are a lot happier overall. As a good boss, you should not only let them make their workspace their own but if you can afford it, you should actually give them a few dollars to purchase photo frames, pretty lamps, cute coffee mugs and motivational posters. They’ll really appreciate the little touches, but they’ll appreciate you as a boss more.

Vision Boards

Vision boards are commonly spotted in the offices of major creative brands, and with good reason. Dream boards allow you, as an employer, to see how your employees tick, which can be vital for motivation and managing them. It also lets them know you care. So, buy a dream board, or even better, call in a diy expert to turn a whole wall into a cork ‘dream wall’ and let your employees pin their hopes and dreams, quite literally on it. Morale will go through the roof.

As you can see, in the office, decor really does matter. Be sure to allocate some of your annual budget to it if you want to see improvements to your business.


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