Pre-Recruitment: The 4 People That Are Essential To Startup Success

The people you recruit will make or break the business. But, before you get that far, you have to take it back a step. The business is only young; in fact, it might not even exist yet. Still, even then you need the right people on your side to ensure success. These are not employees in the typical sense because they are not your subordinates. Instead, they are experts that will use their knowledge and experience to ensure the company gets off to the best possible start. If you don’t know who these angels are, you have come to right place. Below is a list of the people you need to pre-hire before the firm goes lives.

A Lawyer

There is a multitude of reasons to hire an attorney, the main one being the setup process is complicated. Simply put, most businesses don’t make it past the first six months without commercial lawyers on their side. This is because legal experts are masters in everything business-related, so they will be able to choose the right structure. However, there is also an ulterior motive. Rivals play dirty, which means a lawsuit is likely to be in your future. When it arrives, an amateur shouldn’t be in charge.

An Accountant

Possibly the biggest task every company has to tackle in the early stages is cost cutting. Because the cost of running a business is high, the odds are that you will run out of money. At the very least, money will get tight and you will need to start saving to keep your head above water. The great news is that an accountant is a pro when it comes to numbers. The best can slash costs on every bill from the overheads to labour, which is why one is imperative. More importantly, they take care of tax so that you are contributing but not paying too much at the same time.


An Investor

Even your bookkeeper won’t be able to find the cash that you need to survive. Sadly, they can only do so much, which is where an investor comes into play. Angel investors have money and are looking for an opportunity to spend. All you have to do is show them that the firm is the perfect place to invest. Then, there is no need to worry about money as you will have a backer. A word of warning: be careful when signing the deal. Investors like to take equity, and they might ask for a lot in return for the money.

A Leader

The business doesn’t need to hire a leader because they already have one – you. As the boss, it is your job to ensure that the right measures are in place to encourage success. Sure, you won’t be able to oversee every part of the business as that is impossible. However, it is your responsibility to set up the processes and fix them when they go wrong. Also, you need to motivate the workforce and keep their levels of output high.

It’s a difficult job, but you have to be the right person for it.

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