Different Worlds Exhibition @ ArtSHINE Gallery 1-22 of February.

Two artists  in different worlds.

Watercolour Painter : Girija Kulkarni

Comic Artist : James Mathurin.

Article  written by: Melissa Michie

Photograph by: Melissa Michie

Girija Kulkarni

When the doors opened in the gallery, Girija Kulkarni nature inspired watercolour paintings filled the right side of the walls. The colors that Girija creates in her art works warms the guests with illumination, giving a welcoming to the art space. Each watercolour painting has a story that brings a peacefulness to the viewer. One art piece from her collection is entitled:

She is not alone

This work of art is a symbolic image about solace in peace. The horizon brings colors that

capture the environment and then draws you in with the resting “black beauty.” “She is not

alone” is a powerful piece of self-reflection.

The show is curated harmoniously, with the color palette that brings you to the back room. There on the left Artist James Mathurin displays his digital collection based on science fiction characters and an alternate reality of his own design. He integrates drawing into computer manipulated art pieces. “L’ermitage large”  by James Mathurin is inspired by Art nouveau designer Paul Emile. James takes his creativity into another plane of layers and techniques into a final depiction of his own. The audience is left wondering how he does it.

L’ermitage large

The show continues around back to Girija Kulkarni and her sparrow series and more of her wonderful watercolour nature series. Different Worlds Exhibition are a wonderful blend of both artists and shows not only the diversity in styles but similar astonishment of both techniques. The coming together of these very different worlds show the symbiosis of different realities. This is an exhibition runs until the 22 of February to catch as soon as you can make the time.

*Opened 7 days a week Mon- Fri 10-5 and Sat Sun 11-3. Located @ 3 Blackfriars Street

Chippendale, NSW 2008 – Australia # Contact: 02 9698 9156 gallery@artshine.com.au

For online purchase hit link and www.artshinegallery.com and such under artist listed.

James Mathurin -Artist talk

Vinh Van Lam
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