Unusual Premises Ideas For Your Company

Former shipping containers are transformed into offices at Marketing Via Postal Group, Inc. in Santa Ana.

“Think out utside of the square you work in”

~Vinh Van Lam

At some point in the future, your new company is going to need proper premises. You can’t work from home forever because your operation is going to expand. That means you need to find an office or shop as soon as possible. These days, many people choose to think outside of the box and try something new. The unusual premises ideas on this page could help you to stand apart from your competition.

Shipping container office

Shipping container office

Shipping containers

Believe it or not, shipping containers are one of the most popular premises alternatives around today. There are many companies that use shipping containers for officers and even retail premises. Just read the infographic and do some research if you want to learn more.

Sea fort

Oil rigs/sea forts

There are a lot of old oil rigs and sea forts when you travel more than a few miles away from the land. Some of you will have seen how people purchase them and run businesses. The best thing about working at sea is you are not obliged to follow the same laws. Look into the matter more thoroughly after leaving this page. Many people run companies from those places these days.

Office in the boat

Business on a boat

On a boat

You can legally register a business on a boat. So, it makes sense to consider all your options before resigning yourself to the traditional solution. Perhaps working on a boat would benefit you? Maybe you want to appear odd and quirky? Perhaps being mobile is an advantage?

Those three unusual premises ideas are just there to help you make a start. Think outside of the box, and you are sure to come up with the perfect concept. Following rules is boring – you should try to become an innovator and trendsetter.

Infographic Designed By Shipping Containers Victoria

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