The best way to relax and reconnect with yourself.

Are you looking to unwind for your next holiday?

Find somewhere to relax and reconnect with yourself or with your loved one?

Two weeks ago my fiancé and I embarked on a cruise to Asia for 14 days.  I must say it was the most relaxing holiday for us both to recharge and to reconnect with ourselves. There must be something about on boarding a crusie ship. The minute you on boarded the ship you will gain  peaceful,  and relaxing feelings. On the  ship there are many spaces concealed corner where you can get away from all the hustle & bustle and just gaze out at the sea.

This is our fourth cruise  and we have committed to make it as a regular break away for us  every time  we need to unwind. We highly recommend you  to try this for your next holiday.

Stuart Gaze to the sunset

In this post we want to share with you  the art of doing nothing and how important it is for you to have time out… “Me Time” to relax, refresh and renew yourself!

Now is the best time ever to take advantage of how to master this art. You are now on happy holiday season mode. No excuse not to learn this art. Trust me, you will love it and you truly deserve it as you have been working hard in your business.

So what is the art of doing nothing?

The art of doing nothing are simple ways to make time for yourself, and  we call it  “The  Me Time”. It’s your time to let go of your busy lifestyle & work to refresh and renew yourself, share the quality moment with someone you love.

As a business owner, everyday you are so busy working and trying to get things done that you fall into a routine of constantly doing things and it becomes difficult to give yourself a break to chill out.

Here are the three reasons why it is hard for you to switch off:

  1. You love what you do and you just can’t stop.
  2. You are stressed and over worked.
  3. In our hyped world full of modern technology and our dependent on digital gadgets such as mobile phones, Internet, emails and computer games, these lead to the constant feeling of needing to “be connected” to the world we live in.

Because of these distractions it becomes so easy for you to overlook the beauty and simple pleasures that can be found in just doing nothing.

Doing nothing can actually be an art form, we’ve learned this art 5 years ago and how important it is for you to have time out… “Me Time” to relax, refresh and renew yourself!

However, this art can take some practice. An important part of doing nothing effectively is being able to relax completely.

Relaxing starts by firstly telling yourself you are relaxed and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. It’s a mindset thing you need to get your mind on board with what you want to experience.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 1.56.27 am

*Get in sync. Join in a yoga class or find your own private spot on deck
Find a cosy spot to do your nothing. For some it may be reached by drinking a glass of champagne on the deck while listening and watching the ocean waves. For me  was strike a pose and I am talking about the yoga and the stretchng routines  I did early morning on board. For some other cruiselings  just simply lie down and have someone else perform the magic of massages and lavish treatments.
I know what you are thinking. All the things I mentioned are doing something and you are right. The art of doing nothing implies spontaneity and doing things for nothing more than the pleasure of doing it.So if you are on holiday, or take a break from your business, it is important for you to let go and enjoy your time away from hustle and bustle. Learn the art of doing nothing and enjoy the time of doing nothing, you truly deserve it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.01.52 am

*Unwind with some rejuvenating ‘you’ time



* Images from P&O Cruise line


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