Close Up Interview With Dancer Lisa-Marie Maglione

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Lisa-Marie Maglione, I am 15 years old from Sydney and I enjoy fitness and dancing.

How long have you been dancing?

For 11 years since the age of four.

What got you into dancing?

My journey into dancing began when my parents would see me constantly dancing around the house to music. They decided to take me to dance classes, which I really enjoyed.

Lisa-Marie 1

What dancers inspire you?

Li Cunxin – He made his career possible by believing in himself and having great passion. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Li Cuxin and experience a master class with him.

Maddie Zeigler – She is a very young dancer who has such passion when she dances, amazing technique, great stage presence and hard working.

Do you hope to become a professional dancer?

Yes and hope to be in the choreographic field as well.

Why do you love to dance?

Dancing gives me the chance to express myself and create abstract movement which allows me to convey my emotions, passion and tell a story. It also allows me to escape from the world and enter a whole new world filled with creativity and versatility. Dance gives me the chance to be different and create important statements.

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What kind of emotions do you feel / give off when you dance?

This depends on the style of dance, for example in jazz I feel happy, bright and alive. These emotions are seen by the audience as a positive and fun vibe. In lyrical/contemporary I let off angry, serious, sad and happy emotions to convey the meanings of my songs. My emotions help me interpret and enhance my dancing.

What are some of your goals in dance?

  • To continue to grow and constantly improve.
  • Give 100% ALL the time.
  • Believe in myself more.
  • Make a career out of dance, whether as a professional dancer, choreographer or teacher.
  • Try and experience as many different styles of dance and master the ones I really enjoy most.

Lisa-Marie 3

Tell us how you balance your schoolwork and dance?

I try to always finish my work in class so it doesn’t become homework.

I usually try to do some study / homework before I go into dance class and do more when I get home before I go to bed.

Organisation and time management are the key things for me to balance school work and dance.

Do you have a favourite style of dance?

I have 2 favourites which are jazz and lyrical.

Lisa-Marie 5

Is there any other style of dance that you like to try?

I’d love to try Ballroom and Latin dancing. They have always fascinated me and look like a lot of fun.

How you feel when you perform?

When I perform I feel free, energetic and alive.

What keeps you from not quitting?

Well, I love dance so much and it’s pretty much been my life since I was very little. Without dance, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself every single day after school and on the weekends.

I enjoy dancing with all my friends and dancing is what keeps me fit and in shape.

I can’t see myself quitting dance as I’d like to do something with it later in the future and now is the time to continue to grow and build on all the skills that I will need to be able to do something in the future with dance.

Lisa-Marie 6

Do you have any dancer role models?

Yes, my teachers who teach me and have taught me over the years as they work in the dance industry and are recognised for their talents and for being great teachers and role models.

What is your favourite part about dancing?

Performing on stage to an audience who appreciate dance as an art and admire you for your talent.

Why are costumes so important for a dance competition?

Costumes can sometimes make or break your performance. Costumes have to suit the piece of music you are dancing to otherwise they won’t convey the correct theme and feeling that needs to be shown.

In dance competitions, you are also awarded marks for your costumes and it is important to make sure they suit the music, look good and suit your body type.

Lisa-Marie 7

What advice can you offer young dancers who are just starting out?

  • Try as many different dance styles as you can
  • Work hard right from the beginning
  • Get into good habits of listening to your teachers corrections and applying these every time
  • Build your technique, strength and flexibility right from the beginning … it will pay off later !!!

How do you connect with other dancers and audience?

Through my movements and especially through my stage presence (eye contact).

Do you have a book you would like to recommend?

Mao’s Last Dancer, by Li C

Where do we  contact you and to see your  performance?

You can contact :

Lucy Mary-Claire from Dance Dr. (My dance teacher and mentor)




Kris Lewis / Laura Webb  (my dance teachers and mentor)

The Next Step Performing Arts



Photographs and images acknowledgement:

I also would like to thanks  Yo Photography, Leila Joy Berney, DANCEvision.TV,  The Next Step Performing Arts  and Dance Dr. for all the beautiful  photographs in this interview.


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