How to become a master of doing nothing

My partner Stuart  settles into a lounge chair on the promenande deck and allows himself to doze
Last week we talked about the art of doing nothing and how important it is for you to have time out… “Me Time” to relax, refresh and renew yourself! Now is the best time ever to take advantage of how to master this art. You are now on happy holiday season mode. No excuse not to learn this art. Trust me, you will love it and you truly deserve it as you have been working hard in your business lifestyle.
Did you know the Italians have mastered this art for a long time?
They even have a quote for it:

”  il dolce far niente”

“the sweetness of doing nothing”

 Lisa Morgan Artist enjoys her  beach walk
The sweetness of doing nothing does not count if you’re going to be lazy lying in bed all day or being a couch potato in the living room watching TV or playing computer games

This art is about doing something that is enjoyable and pleasurable for yourself. Relax in  the moment where you are leaving all the stress & worries behind and  doing nothing effectively by total relaxing your mind. This is a work of art and it will take some time to master.

If you want to master this art, below is a list that you can follow and become the master of doing nothing.

  • Surrender yourself to the endless ocean and sky view: enjoy the sights and sounds of the waves washing against the sea bay.
  • Stroll along the seaside or waterfront
  • Settle into a  comfy lounge chair in a quiet space and allow yourself to doze off
  • Enjoy a glass of wine
  • Relax in the sauna or a steam room
  • Curl up with a good book in a room with relaxing music
  • Watch the sun setting over the ocean
As for me enjoy watching the sunset over the ocean

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