ArtSHINE’s Video Interview with Artist David Hooper and Founder of Artist Hive, Brisbane.


Welcome to ArtSHINE’s video interview.

Fiver weeks ago, we were presenting  business seminars for Artists & Designers at the Australian Art Show Sydney.  During the show we had a great opportunity to interview artist  David Hooper, who is also the founder of Artist Hive, Brisbane.

“Artist Hive is all about linking their hive of qualified, creative contractors, arts workers and established artists to the people who need them.

Artist Hive is a creative consultancy, they offer professional services to corporate, council, media, education and business peeps who need art solutions. They design, manage and implement all kinds of one-off and ongoing art projects, and their friendly and professional team links their ace artists to the right project to provide industry solutions .

In this interview we find out about David’s passion for Art and his Artist Hive.

[youtube id=”ss-UTtg-0ME” frameborder=”0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

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