TEDx Canberra September 8th 2012, The Playhouse Civic Square Canberra

TEDCan­berra is a vol­un­teer run, non­profit ideas event that brings the inter­na­tion­ally recog­nised TED brand to the national cap­i­tal once a year in the Spring for an inde­pen­dently organ­ised TED event.

Event Theme: An Optimistic Challenge

“In a world where com­plex­ity, con­flict, cri­sis and self-interest seem to dom­i­nate, we want to take a dif­fer­ent approach. Let’s instead imag­ine a world where prob­lems still exist, but learn­ing from fail­ure and our pre­pared­ness to refuse to say “I can’t” guide us towards a place where our opti­mism helps us believe that all prob­lems have solu­tions if we address them in a sus­tain­able way. In this, we embrace An Opti­mistic Chal­lenge.”

TEDx­Can­berra 2012 takes place at The Play­house on 8 Sep­tem­ber 2012.

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Please leave us a comment if you’ve been to the one of the TEDx Canberra… we’d love to know what you think. 

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Vinh Van Lam
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