Tips to Promote Your Art & Design Business Online… FREE! – Part 3 Self Publishing Ebooks

Two weeks ago we talked about how you can promote your art and design business online for FREE by being featured as a guest post in one of the complimentary blog sites that gives creditability to your art or design business.
Today we are here to share with you how you can create eBooks to promote your art and design business online.
An eBook is an electronic format which you can download onto your laptop, PC, MAC or IPad. Unlike a book, eBooks require no space; you can basically store hundreds of eBooks on your computer. However an eBook is very much the same as an ordinary book, where you can have numbers on pages, contents, images etc.  A free eBook doesn’t have to be a long one. It can have only several pages and still do the job. It’s about quality and not quantity. However, the content should be targeted to your ideal audience such as how to solve their problems, how you can help them and where they can find you to get help.
The good thing about creating an eBook is you can embed links for easy access to more information and websites that are related to the eBook. It can be interactive and contain images, audio, video and animation, which can support the point that you are trying to demonstrate. eBooks are searchable, you can easily search for any information in an eBook, instead of looking for page after page like you would do with an ordinary book.
eBooks have gained popularity online. So if your are an artist or a designer what a great way to showcase your knowledge and your expertise. Keep your focus on what you know and what you can do to help by publishing eBooks on topics of interest to your ideal audiences.
If you are planning to create your very first eBook, offer it for free. Offering a free eBook will attract great traffic to your site and a free eBook spreads like wildfire on the internet. Remember, your objective here is to create awareness and building a brand for your art and design business. Don’t forget to include your business logo and contact information in the eBook so people can connect with you if they need your help.
If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to create your own eBook, you should visit this site Hubspot’s free eBooks. I highly recommend it. It’s definitely worth a visit.
Tune in next week for Online Forums and how you can share your ideas and expertise to the online creative community.

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Tips to Promote Your Art & Design Business Online… FREE!

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