Tips to Promote Your Art & Design Business Online FREE! – Part 2 : Guest Post on Complimentary Blogs

Last week we talked about how you can promote your art and design business online for FREE by posting your blog regularly and how your blogs can help you increase your online presence.
Today our discussion is about Guest postings on other complimentary blogs and how you can promote your art and design business via others’ business blog.
There are a number of ways to get involve with guest posting. Below are some suggestions that you might find useful:
  • Get in touch with the blog owners and ask whether you can write a guest post for their blogs.
  • You can find these compliment blog owners via social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more. It can also be on those favourite blogs that you have been following for some time already.
  • Look for the following blog owners; artists, designers, art suppliers, business coaches in the creative industry or any blog owners who need your expertise in art & design. For example, real estate companies who need regular guest posts on artwork for homes or advise about interior design tips for modern apartment etc.
  •  Your guest post should also include a summary about you and your business, and a link back to your website is a must.
  • Plan out your guest post carefully. Write blogs that add creditability to your work and blogs that demonstrate your creative flair and expertise. Make sure that your blogs add value to the blog owners’ blog.
Most blog owners are very welcoming to receive guest posts because it adds value to their own blog. Particularly if the blog owners have a large readership following which means you will gain great exposure to a huge audience that you have not reached and at the same time you also get great traffic back to your own site. Guest posting will definitely add to your credibility as an artist or a designer.
And it’s totally free! You just need to invest the time to connect with complimentary blog owners.
If you are keen to start contributing your blog, you can submit a guest article to ArtSHINE’s blog. Also, you can contact myself direct  to if you would like to experiment with guest posting on ArtSHINE’s blog just like Artist & Designer Marie Nicole who is an ArtSHINE associate and  regularly contributes her articles to ArtSHINE’s blog monthly.
Next week we will talk about Self publishing your eBook and how it can promote your Art & Design business online for FREE.

Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to see you again next week.

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