Check out this Arty Bar "Name This Bar" on Oxford Street Darlinghurst

Name This Bar
197 Oxford St Darlinghurst
“Name This Bar has established itself as the boho chic cocktail bar for discerning street art fanatics, thirsty artists and curious passers-by. The beating heart of the local Sydney art scene, Name This Bar sees some of the best underground DJs, celebrity drinkers and well-respected young artists Sydney has to offer. Owner Simon Mercier has emphasised his love for the arts by offering his space, walls and façade as the canvas for these loyal artists, and says: “The arts, in all forms – film, paint, dance and music – plays a bigger role in this bar than I do.”


Sally Walsh’s Art Battle on Oxford St…. this Thursday!!

This Thursday night, Sally is flexing her art muscles in a live art battle on Oxford St!
Its set to be a fun filled night full of good music, drinking, dancing and a hell of a lot of art!

Name this bar on Oxford Street is a unique, brilliant bar, it hosts fantastic DJ’s, live music and of course… live art battles!

Six great artists have already battled it out on the pubs walls over the last few months….Sally is next on the list and battling against a damn good artist, Claire Nakazawa.

The art theme for this battle is “A view from my mind” so of course  Sally has all sorts of crazy ideas running around in her head at the moment… to pick one?!
So come join in on the fun, have a drink and cheer for Sally, while She makes as much of a mess of the pub walls as possible =)

Name this bar is on Taylor Square end of Oxford St, look out for  Sally’s Sunday Sets Mural on the outside and you can’t miss it!

To Learn more about Sally from Sillier Than Sally please Click here

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