Tips for Shinning Start for the New Year 2012

The New Year is all about being feeling refreshed, reconnected and renewed.
The New Year presents you with the great opportunity to take a good look at where you are right now and where you want to be
at the end of 2012.  The best way to get started first is to review your goals or set new goals within a parameter.
So don’t waste this New Year spirit. Take advantage of a fresh start and just like a fire work celebration it gives you the boost of extra energy that can assist you begin the New Year strong and also to hold on the momentum toward the tasks and goals you want to achieve this year.
We all have goals and dreams to achieve, whether you want to get organised, build a new system for your business, de-clutter your studio or home, or even to lose a few pounds from over indulging yourself during the holiday season. 
To assist you achieving your goals and aiming for a fabulous 2012, we would like to share with you the following tips.
Each of these tips are useful and they can make a big impact to the way you feel and operate your business lifestyle throughout this year.
So before we start sharing, we want you to understand this statement:
“Less is more,  focus on real purpose”
Here are the 3 tips:
1.     Less is More in 2012.

Learn to let go and get rid of things. Don’t be a hoarder. The less stuff you have means you can get things organised easier and quicker. If you start to adopt this routine, fewer things also means less clutter which will give you more time to plan and everything has a place and is more organised. Your thinking will be clear and calmer and you can focus on your business and personal tasks much better too. 
Do this exercise:
List 30 things you would like to de clutter in your business and personal. Your goal is to trash them with 30 days. You can start with a slow pace and de clutter one or two tasks, as long as you are committed to execute those 30 tasks in 30 days. When you think about it, you only need to do one task per day so it’s not hard to do at all.
2.    “The urgent  vs The important things”

People who are good at time leveraging usually do more of what matters and less of what doesn’t. Therefore you need to learn the difference between the Urgent things verses the Important things.
Urgent things demand your time but can usually wait, even when they seem like emergencies.
Important things move you in the direction of your dreams and goals.
A clear focus on the difference between the urgent and the important will be critical to your future success in this, or any other business. And a clear understanding of the activities you undertake that are important rather than urgent will see you succeed sooner. We all have 24 hours a day no more and no less. The difference for you is how are you going to leverage or use the time?

So focus on the importance things  and you’ll never see the urgent things again.
Do this exercise:
Create a ‘To Do list ‘daily for the next 30 days. Review the list and take off tasks or things that don’t add value or purpose to your goals. If you are still unsure then ask yourself this question:
If I ‘m doing this task will it bring me close to my dream or will it  take away from my dream?

So keep focused on doing the tasks that matter.
3.” Delegation & Motivation”

 If you are overworked and try to do everything in your business, now is the right time to plan out how you can delegate some of the work to your team or out source to people who can help you with your day to day operation so that you can start working on your business instead of working just in your business.

Learn to delegate tasks to people who can do the job for on your behalf. You’ll be surprised that by delegating you can reach your goals faster.
For example for home what can your children do for themselves  from this year onward? Take turn to take out the trash? Do the house work? 

By delegating or set tasks for them to do you are teaching them useful life skills  and as the same time you are freeing some time for you do do something else.

What about your business partner or spouse? review what you both doing right now and share the work load. The new  year is the best time to  re negotiate your tasks around business or personal with your partner(s).
Outsource some of your business. Can you afford to pay someone to do the book keeping, or marketing, get a cleaner to do the house keeping etc?
I know it sounds quite a lot of work and at the begin of the process it will take a lot ofyou time to get helpers, but later on down the track you’ll be rewarded with more time for the important things in your life like spending more quality time with your family.

So by following these tips you will see a change for  the better in your business lifestyle. You will be free from clutter, a more organise space for you to work and a clear head when you are working on your business.
So, take advantage of the New Year Spirit – and start implementing these tips now.

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