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13-15 September 2011 Brussels Belgium

At ArtSHINE we are delighted to share this press release from MoOD. This press release has great information about the latest trends, products and services that are available in the MoOD trade show. This event is a perfect show for designers and retailers who are seeking for new designs, products and services.
MoOD 2011commences today in Brussels Exhibition Centre, Brussels Belgium from 13-15 September. A professional trade show event to showcase the latest products, service, trends in FABRICS & TEXTILES industry.
This year this theme, MoOD “Brings Clarity” to the show.
“Cosy, compact and legible. Those are the three words that summarize the third edition of MoOD. Now the fair starts, we are putting these three terms under one and the same header: clarity. Meet only Original Designs has made the most of its well-known basic principles and this creates a cosier, more compact and more legible fair for both the exhibitors and the visitors. In short: MoOD brings clarity!
Well-known basis
What MoOD stands for is well-known. It is all about three product categories: upholstery fabrics, window coverings and wall coverings. The criteria these products have to meet also sound very familiar: at MoOD producers show nothing but own designs, for both the residential and the contract market. The keywords are quality and selectivity. And finally, the sister fairs are once more Indigo (hall Patio) and MoOD Yarns (the former Expofil Déco in hall 9).
Thus far the obvious. Let’s move on to the ways in which MoOD creates total clarity. First of all, we
need to take a look at four accents: Contract, Trends and Blue Drops, the Innovation Platform and Outdoor. These accents are divided over the three halls MoOD consists of from now on, and the transitions between two halls. The result is a beautiful and straightforward story that is told in halls, all of which have their own theme. Whilst discovering the story in each hall, the visitor is not left to himself, neither physically, nor virtually…
Four accents
The Trends and Blue Drops accent in hall 11 tells the Trend Story in a different way than before. Here, the Trend story is no longer told by means of a sample bank, but by using a concept and a colour story. For the quality label ‘Blue Drops’, MoOD 2011 chooses a selective story of ’50 labels’, with feedback to the exhibitors. From these ‘Best of the Best’, the seven Awards are chosen, three product Awards and four thematic Awards.
The second accent, the Innovation platform in hall 7, breaks down into two parts: the classic sample
bank (including the MatériO selection) and the totally new initiative of the Flemish Masters. On the
sample bank, the everyday use of innovative products is demonstrated, while the Flemish Masters in
turn shows five finished prototypes/objects developed within an experimental context: these are the
culminating point of implementation.
The third accent is the Contract story in hall 9. This takes place in close collaboration with long-term
partner Trevira CS. In the middle of this hall a selection of contract collections that are present at the
fair are displayed in an inspiring and guiding arrangement.
Finally there is the Outdoor accent (transitions between halls 7 and 11 and halls 11 and 12). In these
transitions, various items of furniture are provided by a wide range of exhibitors. This furniture
visualizes the various possibilities the market has to offer. This year as well, the Outdoor story is
supported by Dolan.
Follow the guide
If a story wants to get a grip on its audience, it needs to be told in the right way. That happens at MoOD as well, in a manner that could not be more up-to-date and by which the fair not only has an impact during its existence in real life, but also as an online market place, many months after the halls have been cleared.
All communication can in fact be summarized under one header: Follow the guide. This ‘following the guide’ can be translated in both a literal and a figurative way of speaking. Literally, there is the way everyone knows: three times a day, a guide takes interested visitors along on a guided tour through the halls.
But the ‘guiding’ is also done metaphorically, in many other ways. New is the initiative of the so-called ‘bloc notes’. Just imagine a block-calendar for each of the four accents, on which the participating exhibitors are highlighted as ‘Specialists on Platforms’ by means of a colour on a floor plan. In addition the traditional catalogue is abandoned. The only thing that physically remains is a renewed guide, complemented by maximal use of a mobile catalogue that can be consulted through the iPhone. This mobile catalogue literally contains all information you can think of, from information
about exhibitors, to hall plans and news. Just like the website it remains active after the fair. The aim
is also clear: MoOD lives on after the fair because we continue to provide additional information, which makes sure the commercial contacts are optimally explored later on. During and after the fair,
there is moreover the use of social media such as Twitter (another novelty at MoOD) and Facebook, bringing news ‘hot off the press’.
Belgian café
Finally a new initiative in hall 11 deserves to be highlighted, because it illustrates how everything we do at MoOD must be seen as part of a ‘Best of the best’-story. In a cosy Belgian café, a meeting-place ‘in the Belgian way and serving Belgian beers’, visitors and exhibitors are welcomed all day long, but every day there is a ‘happy hour’ from 5 till 7 pm. Only Belgian top beers are served here. In other words: ‘the best of local products’ are part of an international story.
The team at MoOD invite you to convince yourselves with your own eyes of the strength of MoOD 2011.
MoOD hopes that following your visit, you will come to the same conclusion as they do: yes, Meet only Original Designs brings clarity!”
To find more about MoOD  please follow the link below:
Press Release courtesy from MoOD 
We would like to thank Christine Lievens from MoOD who was kindly sharing this press release with ArtSHINE.
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