What is MoOD? 13-15 September 2011 Brussels Belgium

MoOD 2011 will be held in Brussels Exhibition Centre, Brussels Belgium from 13-15 September. A professional trade show event to showcase the latest products, service, trends in FABRICS & TEXTILES industry.

MoOD is indisputably the leading trade show for furnishing fabrics. It is, therefore, considered as the best place in the world for producers and buyers to connect in one space, covering the most extensive range of selected furnishing fabrics. The main topics of the trade fair MoOD Brussels are the following:

  • Fabrics for hangings,
  • Fabrics for decoration,
  • Curtains for windows, wall curtains.

What is MoOD?

MoOD is short for Meet only Original Designs – is the first and most authentic international trade fair for upholstery, window- and wall coverings. It is the only online market place in the world to feature producers who fully own their collections.

You will find at MoOD’s website featuring ‘hot’ news and relevant market information. It is the place to learn and get update about design and textile, furnishing, interior and wholesaling.

MoOD puts Producers in the forefront of the show. They come up with the Original Designs, they have the know-how and they are the best guarantee for ensuring straightforward negotiations with no middleman. T

  • 80% of MoOD’s exhibitors come from outside Belgium in 30 different countries.
  • 85% of the visitors come from more than 100 different countries
  • 87% of the visitors say they very satisfied with the high quality of the products show

Exhibitors include manufacturers from all sectors of the textile machinery industry, including spinning, nonwovens, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing, garment making, testing, software as well as dyestuffs and chemicals.

MOOD Dates

Start Date: 13 Sep 2011 [ Trade Shows in Sep 2011 ]
End Date: 15 Sep 2011 [ Trade Shows in Sep 2011 ]

MOOD Location & Venue:

Venue: Brussels Exhibition Centre[ Trade Shows in Brussels Exhibition Centre ]
City: Brussels [ Trade Shows in Brussels ]
Country: Belgium [ Trade Shows in Belgium ]

Extended Information for MOOD:

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