Know your "Trap Mode" Which One Are you right Now?

What is a trap mode?

A “trap mode” is something that you might fall into a mode that will stop you from achieving your goal and therefore it’s also a distraction from reaching your desire or dreams.
Here’s a couple of common “trap modes”:
“I don’t know enough yet” trap mode – this is the person who just learns and practices and learns and practices to avoid having to DO something. You are scared that you won’t do it right. Or if you do it, it won’t turn out right. If you fall into this trap mode you would rather  learn about how to do it and have the potential success or failure ahead of you instead of having to deal with it!
“I can’t do…” trap mode – this isn’t a bad one as long as you acknowledge it. If you don’t  have the salesmanship to do the selling or promote your products and don’t have the time or desire to learn, you can fix this trap mode easily by outsourcing someone else to do it for you. However, It becomes a problem if you stop yourself from moving forward just because you can’t do the selling  and don’t have anyone else do it  for you.
 “I am not ready…” trap mode– with this one you are falling into a deep trap and constantly making excuses telling yourself that you are far from ready so you don’t have to deal with the real challenge and do the hard yards. Having this trap mode will boycott you from exploring opportunities in reaching your dreams.‘I am know it all…” trap mode– this one is a classic, and the worst one of all. You think you know it all and you will have all the answers for everything  even excuses are your best friend. If you are in this mode you will tend to sabotage your growth and opportunity to achieve your goals and dreams.  You will come up with different solutions to stop yourself doing the “Do” because you think you know it all and  all the outcome so  you won’t take any action.
So which trap more are you right now?
What are you doing about it?Do You have a Trap Mode that you would like to share?Please let a comment on this post.
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