Close Up Interview With Trish Goodfield From TrishAlan Designs

“How to Teach Art & Craft”  

Tell us a little about your business TrishAlan Designs  and your role?

TrishAlan Designs primarily hand dyes fabric and threads; creates needlework charts & kits; and makes and sells Kumihimo supplies. We wholesale our fabric and threads to the craft industry. My husband
Alan and I often joke that I am the creative genius and he is the business brains. In reality the roles are not as easily divided as that.

What are the five words that people who know you would use to describe you?

Enthusiastic, Positive, Proactive, Resilient and Creative.
Tell us about your new book “How to Teach Art & Craft” and how your book can help Artist, Designers & Creative Professionals?
“How to Teach Art & Craft” provides all the information that Artists, Designers & Creative Professionals will need to start teaching their skills and knowledge to others. After reading the book, Creatives will know how to: tailor their classes for different venues, technologies and personality types; avoid all the legal and business pitfall; value themselves and price their classes accordingly; indentify their teaching style & personality; indentify and develop strategies for dealing with difficult participants; teach different generations, attitudes and values; develop handouts, write instructions and use questions and answers; write and use learning objectives and lesson plans; identify safety and risk management issues and much more. Experienced Teachers will also benefit by encouraging them to teach in different venues and make use of new technologies.
By Trish Goodfield

What was the purpose on starting and how has this book come about?

While on a break from my teaching schedule at a Craft Show I overheard a Participant in another class beating herself up that she hadn’t been able to do the skill being taught in the class. She commented to her friend that only one person in the class had been able to do it. During a later conversation with the show organisers I commented that this sort of thing said more about the teaching than the learning.  They asked me to write an article on teaching at Craft Shows. At the end of this article I offered readers a copy of my lesson plan template. I was inundated with requests. These requests were accompanied by comments stating that there wasn’t any comprehensive information on how to teach.

I did my own research and was actually quite surprised that there wasn’t any information out there. I started writing the book to provide Artists, Designers and Creative Professionals another opportunity to earn an income from their passion.

What are the most common issues that relate to artists &designers who come to see you in your business?

Many Artists and Designers lack the confidence to stand up in front of people so therefore dismiss teaching as an option. The book covers other teaching options such an various online methods, magazine project submissions etc

Tell us more about your services that you provide to the creative industry ?

In addition to the book, “How to Teach Art & Craft” is available as an Online Course and as a Face to Face Training Package. Both have approx 12 hours contact time. The Training Packages are ‘active’ courses where Participants get to practice the skills and receive immediate feedback. There is also an Online Forum for Purchasers of the Book and Course Participants to receive continuing mentoring.

Tell us about your process for working with clients?

I always meet Participants where they are at. I try to find out as much as possible about their ‘teaching’ goals so that information and feedback is something they can use immediately. At the same time I encourage people to move out of their comfort zone and have a go at some of the strategies that they don’t believe they will ever use. The course time is a safe experimental zone for them.

 Kumihimo Kits

What advice can you offer to artists & designers who are just starting out?

Throughout the book there are suggestions for getting started on your teaching journey. My best bit of advice is to do your planning. The better prepared you are before stepping into a teaching situation the more the learning will flow.

Do you have a book that you would like to recommend?

Yes, mine, “How to Teach Art & Craft” by Trish Goodfield.

Where do we find your product and services?

TrishAlan Designs: Old Petrie Town, Dayboro Rd. Petrie. Qld.

Where can we buy your new book “How to Teach Art & Craft”?

How to Teach Art & Craft can be purchased directly from TrishAlan Designs at or from Lulu at  you can also purchase an instant download from Lulu. The book will be available from all good book stores shortly. ISBN 978 1 4461 8483 7


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