FlowerBox Gallery -"…Another Way of Looking at Nature"

The Flowerbox Gallery

If you like something different to feature flowers or plants for your home, office or your studio space then you should take a look at the Flower Box Gallery in Glebe.

Stuart and I were at Glebe and we heard about this Flower gallery for sometimes so we designed to pay a visit last Saturday and I was impressed with whole store, the range of flowers and plants and the visual merchandising of the store. What an unique concept for display living plants!

“A flowerbox is an object and unique concept design to display nature on your wall” 
Image from Urban Walkabout

The Flowerbox will bring life to your walls  by creating your own living art, so get in touch with your creativity and create your own Artwork for your living or studio space. You can select a wide rang of indoor plant such as the succulents plants, mini Ivy and  compose your flower box using colours, textures and materials from the gallery.

Image from DecoEstilo

 Indulge your artistic flair by creating your very own living art gallery. This unique concept lets creative juices flow as you compose your Flowerbox using colours, textures and materials from our range of indoor plants such as succulents plants.

Image from DecoEstilo
Flowebox Gallery
 Shop 1, 166 Glebe pt Road
Glebe NSW 2037
+61 2 9518 4911

Vinh Van Lam
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