The SRD Change ’10 Graduate Sustainable Design Exhibition August 2-15

 Inspire… Provoke…Change
THe SRD Change is an annual exhibition of new graduate design and ideas that address issues of sustainability, environmental change and responsibility, social equity and community.
So What is the SRD ?
SRD stands for Society for Responsible Design is a Not-For-Profit and Registered Environmental Organisation promoting since 1989. The organisation  is focusing on sustainable design options addressing issues of environmental change, sustainability, social equity, responsibility and community.
The SRD’s key objective is to support and promote collaboration between educators of all design streams, designers using sustainable responsible design practices, companies embracing corporate responsibility, manufacturers and the public. By doing so SRD advances information, research and education for significantly better built and living environments, products, services and resource management
The Grand opening night “cocktail” party will be held on Wednesday, August 4th at 6:30PM at the pyd. building, 197 Young St, Waterloo, Sydney. The exhibition runs from 2nd to 15th August, 2010.

The designers who will be exhibiting  are:

Sara Spence – ‘Love Bottle’
Renzo Barriga-Larriviere – ‘The Fire Cube’
Jessica Robertson – ‘Slow Palette’ Slow Fashion and Textile Design
Sara Spence is exhibiting her compostable bottle and is already in discussions with drinks manufacturer Frucor to get her design to market.  Her design bottle  uses a completely recyclable and biodegradable form of plastic made from vegetable starch, called PLA (Polylactic acid). Sara is hoping her design will be branched into food packaging, medical packaging and many more.
Compostable bottle design by 
Sara Spence
The “Fire Cube” design by designer Renzo Barriga-Larriviere. The Fire Cube is a response to the need for emergency shelters if trapped by a bushfire. The Fire Cube is a shelter that can provide fire safety. It is affordable, socially and environmentally relevant and provides an alternative to drastic measures such as concrete bunkers or underground shelters. The Fire Cube can safe many lives particularly in the high risk bush fire areas around Australia.
“Fire Cube” designed by
Renzo Barriga-Larriviere
Slow fashion is also well represented and is a response to mainstream fashion’s damaging environmental and social effects. I needed to find a way to enjoy and create fashion far more than just producing garments.” said Jessica Robertson. “So I researched traditional techniques of producing textiles such as weaving and felting to create my collection. I really like taking the time to enjoy the process.”
Slow Palette Fashion design by
Jessica Robertson
Fashion is becoming a real star of sustainable design. “Once you have created your fashion items using responsible processes and materials, you can be out there selling through boutiques and agents worldwide, without the expensive start-up costs of industrial design.” said Greg from SRD“

To learn more about the SRD Change ‘ 10 Exhibition please contact:

Greg Campbell (Convenor/Curator)
Society for Responsible
Phone: 0417 289 601
Jessica Robertson (Exhibition co-organiser)
Design Fashion and Textile Graduate
Phone: 0414 636 348

New Website: launching soon at…

Sydney Design:

I would like to thanks Jessica Roberston for providing me with the SRD Change  information. If you  would like to learn more about Jessica Roberston and her dedication  and passion for “Slow Palette” fashion. You can check out  The ArtSHINE Close Up interview series with Jessica during The Interwoven exhibition  back in June this year.

ArtSHINE Close Up interview with Jessica Robertson:


Images & Sources:

SRD Change

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