Intellectual Property Protection (IP) win for Hussy

 Hussy Founder: Marie Hatzis- Ritchie
Image & Article from Ragtrader

NATIONAL: Womenswear label Hussy has scored a “substantial settlement sum” from a competitor which allegedly ripped off its winter 2009 collection.

The label accused Sydney manufacturer Reverse of copying three dresses from its Late Night Lovers range. The matter, which was first brought to the attention of Hussy lawyers eight months ago, has now been settled out of court.

Hussy begain registering its designs in mid 2008, after noticing a rise in cheap knock offs being sold in Australian retail stores at substantially reduced prices.  Founder Marie Hatzis-Ritchie said she now relies on the design registration system to protect her label.

“I could no longer sit back and watch cheap copies of my garments being sold next door to my originals, detracting from the reputation of the Hussy brand which I have spent 15 years building.  My decision to take legal action was not taken lightly, but was something I felt was important  to do to show that we are serious about ensuring that our customers purchase an original and unique garment,” she said.

Hatzis-Ritchie has encouraged other Australian designers to follow suit and register their designs with IP Australia.

“The exceptional talent in the Australian fashion industry is something to be treasured and protected.  Copying designs from Australian labels that have spent countless months pouring blood, sweat, tears and substantial investment into developing their creations must be stopped,” she said.

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Intellectual Property Protection is so important to your  design, If you have a very unique and distinctive design, it is important for you to consultant with an IP specialist.  You can register your design and to protect it. The design must be new and distinctive. Can be an entire product or feature of the product. You can register for Australia  only or international level. There is a three stages of process;

  • Stage 1. Prior Art Search
  • Stage 2. Design application
  • Stage 3.Certification this is optional

To learn more about IP protection you can get information from IP Australia:


If you are looking for an IP specialist to assist you with your design registration you can contact Brian Goldberg from  EKM patent and Trademarks Attorney.

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  • What a great article, projecting our designs are so important and it is always a challenge for me as a designer. I will looking into this further, thanks for sharing Vinh.

  • Hi Vinh,
    I have been thinking about IP and talked to one of my friend about couple days ago and it is great that you post this article. It has really help me to take action and doing something about protecting my designs. So thankyou.

    Best wishes


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