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When planning an office, either for yourself or your company, there are certain things that you have to take into consideration. It’s mean to be a place to go to get focus, to motivate yourself, but you can’t do it without the comfort being provided – nobody ever came up with a great idea by sitting in misery. To enhance your creative flow, you need to be the right place, both mentally and physically, to come up with ideas. It’s hard to be in one place without the other, so what can we do in our offices to stimulate both?


The one thing that you don’t want in your office is distraction – especially if you are in an industry which has deadlines (which, let’s face it, most have). Splashes of colour around the office aren’t a distraction, and neither are pictures. It comes more so from the bad placement of your employees around the office. For example, if you have a kitchen in the office, sitting someone next to it spells bad news – for the work that they are doing. People naturally want to talk, so whenever they get up to make themselves some food or a drink, they will gravitate to the person closest to them whilst waiting for their stuff to be ready. While the kitchen-seated-employee may think that it is harmless enough, the minutes can add up to time wasted when they could have put their focus into something more useful.


If you are working by yourself and creating a home office, then you will know what comforts you like. Getting yourself the right seat to sit on, the best desk you can get and having beverages and other refreshments on hand is just something that will come naturally. However, if you are setting up an office for a team, it’s another thing entirely. You will have to take more than just your wants and needs into consideration. Commercial air conditioning is something that you may need to invest in to keep the temperature just so – a drop or spike in this can affect just how much work you get done in a day. Providing equipment that is ergonomically designed for comfort is the best thing that you can do, as well as doing safety tests regularly on any furniture that you have bought to ensure that they aren’t going to cause a hazard.


Make the space that you and everybody else is working in as wide and open as you can, and make sure that you are in a position where you can see what everybody is up to. It’s more of an open office plan rather than Big Brother – you’re not there to spy, but instead are there to offer assurance and motivation to your team. It makes throwing ideas around so much easier, and you’ll often find that others  are willing to go and give their help and knowledge to those who are struggling without needing to involve you – leaving you to focus on more important things.

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