Found the Right Employee? Make Sure You’re the Right Employer!

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Hiring a new employee for your creative business can be a difficult job. Potential employees with strong portfolios will often have a lot of job offers. Standing out amongst the competition is important for them, but remember that this works both ways! You must show that you’re the best employer for them. How can you accomplish this?

The first step is making sure your vacancy has the visibility it needs. Using a recruitment agency is a strong way to get the vacancy advertised in a lot of places. The problem is that agencies tend to highlight themselves when they’re spreading the word about the job. Instead of the name of your company, a recruiting agency will refer to you as “their client”. This leaves the precise position the potential employee is applying for a mystery. This seems like a cold, robotic approach to many people. It could put them right off!

Make sure you write the ads for the vacancy. Highlight your previous work and all the benefits of working for you. Creative people want to know their voice will be heard at your company; that they won’t just become a number. Consider putting ads on job sites that cater specifically to the creative industry.

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If the advert names your company, then the candidate will search for that name online. They will find your website. (You do have a website, right?) Your website is crucial in getting the right person’s attention. What if your website looks poor and amateurish, with vague information and little innovation? This won’t speak to your strengths as a creative organization! Creative people want to work somewhere that oozes fun and creativity in everything they do. This includes your website! Get some tips for a great website design if you’re feeling stuck.

You also need to consider other areas of online communication. Does your company use Twitter, for example? Or Facebook? These are great platforms for attracting potential employees. If you don’t have community management or public relations people at your company, consider getting some. Make sure Tweets or Facebook posts express the fun and humorous side of your company. Share some art and get involved in ongoing events.

A great example of this can be found even outside of creative companies. The Pizza Hut Twitter account, for example, is well known for getting involved with customers and celebrities. They even Tweeted at the controversial rapper Kanye West recently, trying to guess the title of his new album. If a pizza company can be this fun online, a creative company has little excuse to be dry and boring!

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Now let’s say they’ve liked you enough to apply, and you liked them enough to offer them at interview. The ultimate way to get someone’s attention is the working environment itself. Don’t interview them over Skype – invite them to your amazing office! Let them see where the magic happens. Your fun, modern office is bound to get them eager to work for you five days a week!

We hope you can bag the ultimate employee. Remember: how you come across is as important as how they come across!

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