ArtSHINE Galleries


ArtSHINE Galleries is much more than physical exhibition spaces. The ArtSHINE galleries portal is an innovative platform for site-specific, project-based art activations stemming from a deliberate and unapologetic focus on the intersection of creative and commercial impulses. ArtSHINE Galleries is an online portal dedicated to emerging and established artists. ArtSHINE works to identify a range of complimentary spaces suitable for artists and Creative Industries Professionals to show and sell their works. Venues may be permanent or pop up. ArtSHINE works with artists to show their works and engage with private clients, interior designers, agencies, and property developers. ArtSHINE curates and art produces large scale art projects, manages the production of bespoke art pieces, and identifies artworks for private clients. ArtSHINE offers a home consultation service to advise on artworks. An initial visit to your home or office will include photography of the space, and a discussion of your preferences. We will then produce a catalouge of recommended artworks superimposed onto your walls as a preview before trying the pieces in your home or office. The consultation fee is then deducted from your first art purchase.

Our mission statements are:

  • To create a platform to help artists launch their art careers
  • To help artists to connect with established and emerging collectors

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