Don’t Make Your First Investment Without Considering These Crucial Factors


Nobody is going to turn down the chance to increase their personal wealth, especially in these testing times. Smart investments are the perfect way to do this, and you’ve probably seen many inspirational stories over the years. Nevertheless, if you are yet to have started your investing journey, taking that first step can be very daunting. Thankfully, you can work the odds in your favour simply by paying attention to all the crucial factors.    

So, what are the key elements that must be considered? Let’s take a closer look.     

Capital Reserves

As an investor, making a return on investment (ROI) has to be your priority at all times. As is the case in business, you need to spend money to make it. Therefore, building a solid starting capital is essential. While you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity, rushing into one without enough capital could backfire spectacularly. If you need a little time to keep saving, that’s fine.  

An appreciation of your limitations is crucial, especially as investments aren’t only for the rich. It’s not simply a case of investing the full value of your savings, though. All investments come with a degree of risk, which is why all investors should set limits on how much they can afford to lose. Without those parameters, your exposure could potentially reach a dangerously high level.    

Everything related to the world of investments relies on finance. So, if you lose control over this factor at an early stage, your chances of success will be slim to none.    


Security V Speculation

There are many ways to invest your savings, and those options aren’t limited to the range of commodities. Multiple tactical approaches are available, and one of the main choices between steady growth and quick ROIs. The latter does come with huge risk, but can be highly rewarding. Looking at both sides of the Bitcoin story underlines those sentiments greatly.  

When opting for the steady growth, it’s still imperative that your funds follow a positive curve. Otherwise, you might as well leave your savings in the bank. Investing in uranium with Boss Resources, or other sectors where the demand is growing will serve you well. Having research to support those forecasts can reduce the threat of making erroneous decisions.    

If planning to play an active role in the investment activities, you may look at the more volatile markets. When you wish to use a backseat approach, slow and steady wins the race.  

Single Or Multiple Investments  

Another major decision revolves around whether you wish to invest your capital in one idea or split the funds across several. Both options have positives and negatives to consider. Sticking to one investment makes it very easy to manage your portfolio. Meanwhile, if it goes well, you’ll be set to see fantastic returns. Conversely, though, a bad choice could hit your pocket hard.  

A mixed portfolio may require a little extra attention, especially as you will inevitably make some bad choices along the way. However, the risk of losing everything is very slim. Success in steady markets enables you to dedicate some of your capital to risky investments such as cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, it gives you a chance to try trial and error until you find your place.  


As with most investment decisions, there is no one right or wrong answer. Gut instincts will point you in the right direction. But if you do go for a varied portfolio, don’t overdo it in those early stages.  

Available Support  

While it is true that only you can take responsibility for your investments, it’s not you versus the world. Entering the world of investing as a novice is scary at the best of times. Nonetheless, entering this environment alone will send the odds of poor decisions through the roof. It might not prevent you from seeing a positive return, but it will stop you from unlocking the full potential.   

First and foremost, the internet is filled with blogs, forums, and news websites. Those resources can help you learn the ropes before you’ve even started while setting up free trial accounts can work wonders too. While you won’t see any real returns, you’ll also avoid the threat of losses. When heading into the realm of real trades, finding the right Forex brokers is key. Outside experts can support you with other investments too.  

Successful investments aren’t just about finding the right sector. You need to make the right decisions at the right times. Surrounding yourself with a supportive network gives you the best shot.    


Outside Ambitions  

As already mentioned, financial gains will be the priority for all investment activities. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore other aspirations. No two people are identical, so finding a financially rewarding route that ticks your other boxes is key. Above all else, this will keep you engaged with the investments, which should maximize your ROIs.   

Those ambitions could mean supporting sustainable food industries like the Global Salmon Initiative. Or supporting greener energies. Maybe you’ll invest in properties that provide profits for you and affordable housing for others can be very useful. Either way, doing something that satisfies your passions as well as your financial needs will bring the best results. It’s not all about the money, even if it is crucial.  

When combined with each of the points above, you’ll be certain to make a smart investment. In addition to serving you well today, this can give you a solid platform for all future activities.    

The Final Word

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee success in the world of investing. On a brighter note, however, thousands of people are making money every single day. There’s nothing to stop you following in their footsteps, but only when you give each decision the attention that it deserves. Use that checklist above for guidance, and you won’t go far wrong.    

If nothing else, you’ll be in a position to act with confidence. That positive mindset is arguably the greatest weapon at your disposal.

Vinh Van Lam
the authorVinh Van Lam
Vinh Van Lam, co-founder of ArtSHINE, is a visionary art coach and entrepreneur with a passion for fostering creativity. With a diverse background in art and business, he brings a unique perspective to empower emerging artists, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic art industry through the innovative platform of ArtSHINE.

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