5 Fantastic Ways to Incorporate Branding in Your Office Decor

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When you go into an office, do you notice the décor? Even if you’re unaware, on a subconscious level, it probably affects how you feel about that company. A messy, cluttered office with people running around doesn’t leave a good impression. One thing however that can really stand out and stick with you is branding.

We spend such a long time when we launch our business getting the branding just right. Thinking about what colours work best together and wondering if our logo is overly complicated. We hire designers and run it past focus groups. Then we have it printed on all our marketing materials and stationery, and we start using it on all of our online profiles. We do this because branding is important. It’s how you get your brand recognised, and it can help you to build a reputation for yourself. Yet, we rarely include it in our office décor.

Adding your branding to your décor can be a great way to make sure your office looks professional and stands out from the rest. Here are five clever ways to do it.

Point of Contact

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The first point of contact for clients, customers and visitors is usually the reception desk. So, make sure your branding is clearly displayed here. For maximum impact, go for brightly coloured walls, painted by a commercial painting company, with a large logo added. Make sure it can’t be missed. This is an excellent way to show pride in your business and make an instant impression which won’t be quickly forgotten.

Colour Scheme

As well as a logo, you’ve probably got a colour scheme that runs through your website and promotional materials. Carry this into your office. White space and bright walls are a wonderful way to increase productivity, but if your branding is darker, add it to smaller things such as door frames, furniture and borders.


Another fantastic way to incorporate both your colour scheme and logo is with your accessories. Office stationery and paper could be printed with your logo, but things like picture frames, office chairs and other furniture could carry your brand colours.

Another idea which could make your office stand out is adding some branded soft furnishings. Offices need to be efficient and hardworking, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable.

Little Touches

Remember the finer details. Décor isn’t all about the walls and accessories. You could have coloured door handles, decals on windows, or printed glasses and mugs. Take a walk around your office and seek out detail.

Brand Story

Including your brand story in your décor is a fantastic way to get clients and customers involved and make them feel part of your business. Have the story of how you started out, what makes you different or what your brand’s key beliefs are written up and printed on your wall somewhere, so it’s clear and easy to read.

You don’t need to spend a fortune redesigning your office. You can quickly add some simple touches that help show the world how proud of your brand you are.

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